Donald Trump: The Black Lives Matters Movement

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What will he do next is the big question everyone has been asking themselves since the 2016 presidential election? We all can agree that the past election has been a rough and bumpy ride failed with dishonesty and betrayal to the American people. The two candidates, Hillary Clinton and our president elect Donald Trump were not the most favorable candidates to run for office. However, Trump has been elected by the American people and many are concerned about his plans for specific groups of people in the United States. Throughout his campaign, his opinions on groups such as, Muslims, Gays and blacks has been difficult to listen to. Based on what he said in his Campaign, I do not feel that Trump will govern this country in the best interest of every citizen. I believe his supporters have …show more content…
We all are aware that blacks have suffered the most in this country and anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant, oblivious and has not been taught the true history of America. Currently, Blacks are still facing racial discrimination in this country and we have seen it predominantly through police brutality and when Trump refused to denounce the KKK after David Dukes, the former leader chose to endorse him. The Black Lives Matter Movement is a movement that occurred in response to police brutality. Yes, there are flaws within the Black Lives Matter Movement, however there is truth about racism and discrimination when blacks are dealing with the Law. Trump has made bold statements about the movement and accused it of being the cause of many police shootings. I think that Trump should acknowledge that police brutality and unfair treatment of blacks is real instead of disregarding it as a whole. By disregarding the concerns of Blacks in this country, he awakened some of the most racist supporters that still crave white supremacy. In retrospect he has also awaken angry Blacks that are not in favor of his

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