Argumeative Essay: All Lives Matter Vs. Black Lives Matter

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Argumentative Research Paper: All Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter

Paul Farmer once said that “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all is wrong with the world.” This simply justifies what has been continuing in the United States which is Racial Discrimination. Knowing that racial discrimination is still persistent in America, African Americans have been one group that is constantly targeted. "Racism has always been America 's Achilles heel in intentional relations.” (HERNDON, LISA.) “Black Americans have had a long and remarkable history of calling on the intentional community to obtain redress for racist practices in the United States. From the days of slavery and Jim Crow to more modem issues of racial discrimination,
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As years have passed the movement “Black Lives Matter has become a transformative outlet for all black people from different historical, cultural, socioeconomic and political identities. It is a source of solidarity for the survivors of colonization, exploitation, capitalism and police brutality.”( Miah, Malik.) African Americans have used this movement to bring each other together and fight for what is still persistent, which is racism. There has been controversy about “BLM” which stretched the opinion that the movement was very racist. Arguments have come about that there is no way the advancement of another race can happen if the movement is saying the other races do not matter. While some have argued that it is racist there are many reasons to why it is not. For centuries blacks have been treated as if they do not matter and a stop is what they want. Fury has been building up inside of African American for the way that they are perceived as well as treated in what is known as “White …show more content…
It is said that they feel like “The young single mother trying to raise her children by herself needs to feel mat her life matters. The boy who has been labeled with behavioral problems or has attention deficit disorder needs to feel that his life matters. The father who has been recently laid off and is struggling to support his family needs to feel that his life matters. The man or woman living with AIDS needs to feel, mat his or her life matters. The teenager in foster care who believes he has found a surrogate family in a gang needs to feel that his life matters. The man recently released from prison, trying to put his life back together, needs to feel that his life matters.” From the actions of other races towards the black community this is not true. If all lives matter there would be no need for black lives matter in the sense of that we would all be treated equally. According to Urban Dictionary All Live Matter means “A hashtag often used to shut down Black Lives Matter. They hold no rallies. Hold no protests. They only show up when Black Lives Matter does when there 's a case of police brutality. People who use it are typically white Conservatives or liberals.” (All+Lives+Matter). This gives a negative view to the meaning of All Lives Matter. The truth is that if all lives truly mattered there would be no need for the Black Lives Matter movement.
All in all Black Live Matter is very important

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