The Impact Of Racism In America

Being different is something that people in society do not understand, and it frightens them. Society has standards and expects something out of us all. Racism is one of the main argued topics about “being different”. Racism has been something that goes way back, and has been the reason for many laws. From the slave days, the KKK, Martin Luther King, all the way up to today, racism unfortunately still exists today. Although there have been laws made, bringing about an impact, it still continues. We now have a black president which is a big step towards ending racism and shows that not the entire country is still racist. From (1800-1900’s) racism was at its worst. Blacks were made out to seem like they weren’t equal, and got treated very …show more content…
Even with the laws passed, “racism” still continues to happen today. Although it may still exists, it is no where close to as bad as it once was. Our country today has “Black Lives Matter” blown way out of proportion. Police have shot and young black men 175 times since January 2015; 24 of them were unarmed. Over that same period, police have shot and killed 172 young white men, 18 of whom were unarmed.
Throughout time, blacks have formed a group named “Black Lives Matter” to protest mostly against racism that they think exists today. This group has protested by marching through streets shouting things such as “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!” The group’s protests have caused multiple deaths and many crimes to be committed. This group has thousands of supporters throughout not only parts of the country, but the country as a whole. It has impacted the lives of hundreds as they have committed murders against white cops who are trying to protect and defend our country. There may have been a number of hate crimes committed against blacks. The “Black Lives Matter” movement group is convinced that not just some cops are bad but that all cops are
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However “Black Lives Matter” is not declared as a hate group, most people would disagree. If “BML” actually cared about black lives instead of their agenda, to just commit crimes and kill white cops, they would have marched right to Chicago where twice as many black people have been murdered due to black on black crime this year then have been killed by police nation wide. Statistically, more white lives have been taken by police than black lives. Most of the lives taken from blacks were from the doing of other blacks. Since most of those Chicago murders were at the hands of other black people, we must assume that it 's not a problem in their eyes. As long as “BML” keeps acting the way it does, they’re proving to us that their movement is dedicated to the preservation of the black race. They’re against integration and

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