Essay On Black Lives Matter Movement

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Recently, we’ve seen in the media that there have been numerous stories about police brutality against African Americans. This is a reoccurring problem that has affected many people of minitories in the past and is an ongoing problem in society. Constantly, we hear about African Americans males killed on a daily basis by authorities. The importance of the Black Lives Matter movement shines the light that these murders should require punishment to officers who have killed young innocent people. Newspaper, Social Media, and news reporters have discussed the challenges that minitories faced in order to achieve their goal in pursing actions. The students who participate in the newspaper express their opinions about news around the campus. John …show more content…
What has the movement changed towards the violence? Shouldn’t all lives matter when it comes to police brutality? Since the movement is bigger than any group, individuals chant things that don’t follow the message of the Black Lives Matter network. Chants such as “Pigs in a blanket; fry them like bacon”. Actions such as that can label this movement as a hate group towards police. Police are protecting people by risking their lives in order to keep society safe from harm. They protest a white police officer that shoots a black man. But they don’t protest any of the numerous black on black shootings. A black police officer gets assaulted or shot and there are no protests. This gives people in society unclear difference in these deaths if all black lives matter. While the trials of these crimes air, we are aware of what had happened before they murdered occurred. The movement rapidly jumps to conclusion if the officer was provoked to shot the unarmed male. When the verdict is reached, the movement becomes outraged and believes violence will solve the problem. Destroying businesses, houses, and vehicles doesn’t solve anything. The lives that have been lost deserve to be seen as a message instead of a mockery. They don’t want people to damage property or threaten other; they want to prevent other deaths from occurring.

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