The Importance Of The Black Community

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Of the several discourse communities that I belong to, the most evident and probably the one that I identify with the most is the black community. Contrary to popular belief in this country, the black community does not exclusively include African Americans, but those who come from African descent such as people from Africa, the United States, Caribbean, and in some cases Europe and Central/South America. From our several shades of brown to our unique culture, this large, widespread group of individuals is my community; we represent the global black discourse community.
The black community has experienced a significant amount of tension both within and outside the community. From events like slavery to the basic struggles for civil rights
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Following Reconstruction in 1877, Jim Crow laws were and further enforced segregation between blacks and whites. The laws were intended to prevent any contact between black and whites as equals which created the idea of separate but equal. Facilities and opportunities were separate but they were not by any means of the word “equal”, again endorsing the idea of superiority in one race more than the other. These laws would enforced until the beginning of the 1950s which would then lead to the civil rights …show more content…
Because the group has been identified solely on its color for this many years, these ideas of superiority has manifested its way to the group as well, creating a new hierarchy, prejudice, and tension between light skinned and dark skinned blacks. After watching the documentary Dark Girls, a film depicting the overall history and feelings behind colorism, I became more aware of the animosity and ideas different shades of the race felt about

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