The Controversy Argumentative Essay 'Black Lives Matter'

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A big topic that has risen in the past year is racism. Kathleen McCarthy, President of Smith College, sent an email to her students regarding to the deaths of two boys, Eric Garner and Michael Brown. In the email, she stated that all lives matter, this caused many students to criticize her for referring to the opposition of the saying “Black Lives Matter”. Many police officers today are now being criticized and presumed guilty when approaching any black man that is in the wrong. This kind of behavior should not be happening because it is causing our law enforcement not to be able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. The controversy over the death of Eric Garner was a big example of how police are presumed guilty. When the officer …show more content…
This event caused many to make comments on how our police officers are racist and that the boys did nothing wrong. In due of this happening, Kathleen McCarthy sent an email to the students of Smith College in hopes of calming them down, but she ended up causing more commotion after accidentally referencing a saying that counters that of “Black Lives Matter”. After realizing what had happened, she quickly sent another email back to the students to explain that she had not meant to counter the fact that black lives matter. When saying all lives matter, black people are included into the phrase. Everyone, including the white police officers, deserve to have the same amount of justice. When saying that white law enforcement is presumed guilty when one approaches a black man is just as racist as saying a black man is always guilty when white officers approach them. Police are taught to judge by action, not race. The video that was captured of Garner showed the police officer using excessive force in pursuing him which caused much of the chaos. Some of the witnesses also stated that Garner was seen reaching for the sidearm of the officer and attempted to charge him. Even though the officer acted strongly, a man should not attack and attempt to take a gun away from an officer (Armstrong,

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