Persuasive Essay On Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter has been all over the media in recent years. Accusations of police brutality and racial profiling and has led to many riots and protesting across the country. This has caused millions of dollars in damage and disrupting the peace just to gain attention for their movement. Is the Black Lives Matter movement actually helping or is it just causing a racial divide? If you go by the facts, it 's not racial profiling that gets blacks in trouble. Cops don 't wake up and wonder how many black people they can arrest, their job is to protect and serve the community. But many blacks believe that just because they 're black they have a higher chance of a run in with a police officer. It may be a sad fact to face, but the reason blacks …show more content…
Kellan Howell, from The Washington Post says “Many protesters, including Black Lives Matter national leaders, said the racial injustice at college campuses and the attacks in Paris were both acts of terrorism.”how could someone compare their supposed racial injustice to a terrorist attack where over a 100 people were slaughtered? Black lives matter only goal is to gain attention and to have an excuse to hate police and put police officers lives in danger. police have already been affected by the movement as some are scared to defend themselves even when their life 's in danger. They don 't want to be called a murderer and attract attention from all over the country, and have protest or even riots in their city. So instead of making a split second, decision they act differently and can put themselves in danger because of it. But since Ferguson a major thing happened. After so much media attention many blacks thought our police were too militarized and that they should not be. One would think the president would be on the police officer 's side, but think again Obama issued an executive order taking back military equipment from the police. So yes, maybe one could say that Black Lives Matter has achieved, something they have just put more police in danger. With all the mass shootings and riots and many other things that have happened across the United States, one would think that 's the last thing we should take away from our police. Taking armored cars, weapons, and other equipment from police will only put them in more

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