Fighting For Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Still Fighting for Civil Rights
Civil rights will always be a movement. It’s something the United States, the land of the free, has always struggled with. Every time an issue about civil rights is brought up, millions fight against making a change. The United States has come such a long way with civil rights, but it’s foolish to think that the civil rights movement is over. The fight is still going on and will continue to go on until this country values all lives equally. Malcolm X fought for equal civil rights fifty year ago and this what he thought of civil rights, “The entire civil rights struggle needs a new interpretation, a broader interpretation. We need to look at this civil-rights thing from another angle.” (Ballot. 319). Malcolm did look at it from a new interpretation, which was looking at these rights as human rights. This means from what Malcolm describes as rights, any human is entitled to and deserves to have, and no one should stand in the way of that. Human rights are what every human are born with, but most of America still doesn’t view civil rights as this, which is why African Americans still fighting for equal treatment from law enforcement. America has recently become aware of the way police officers treat African Americans. Thanks to social media outlets who broadcast videos taken live from the scenes, and new reports that are based around on the attacks African Americans have endured greatly at the hands of officers. “African Americans are twice as…

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