Black Lives Matter And The Civil Rights Movement

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On February 26, 2012, a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed by a man named George Zimmerman. Treyvon Martin was a junior at his high school as well as an African American boy. Unarmed with the intention to walk back to the house he was staying in. This event in time was the catalyst to the movement that is known as Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a social movement with the intention of bringing awareness to unjust events that happen within the POC (people of color) community. In 2012, BLM didn’t have proper media coverage, so people were unaware that a movement was brewing. Now looking at it 4 years later, Black Lives Matter is a large and active movement. Every time a person of color is killed with an unjust cause as to why, Black …show more content…
Black Lives Matter is a relevant social movement that is misunderstood unjustly and faced with many problems such as media coverage and opponent groups and the American police force.
On the Black Lives Matter website, they state “#BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society.” (BLM) Now compare to that to the definition of the Civil Rights movement “… an era dedicated to activism for equal rights and treatment of African Americans in the United States.” (“Civil Rights Movement, The” Roy). Obviously these two are different in their own rights but there are some connections. There are people today that believe the Civil Rights movement has not ended because of the current state of social justice in the United States. One reason why BLM and the Civil Rights movement are similar is because of the way people have protested. Similar to the march on Washington and Selma, most of the protests via BLM have been peaceful marches. However, to the opposing side there have been a few riots caused by the strong emotions that people feel when shootings happen. For example,
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Millennials will come to learn about the Civil Rights movement in their history classes, as well as being a part of one of their very own thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement. Although the two events are very different. Their similarities are great. It’s important to understand and become educated on the issue at hand before being quick to judge or to pick a side, because no one knows how the judgement or side will affect

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