Importance Of Beauty Pageants

Beauty Pageants are a way girls can learn important life skills while also having fun. It’s a way to learn the difference between winning and losing and also gaining friendships, not even just in beauty pageants, all other different types of pageants such as rodeo queen pageants and “natural pageants” girls are able to learn more about themselves. Beauty pageants give girls additional skills that they can use in their life growing up. From competing it gives them more confidence, develops social skills, poise and personality. In beauty pageants there are many different values that women can learn from and use to better herself in her careers in the future. Some may believe that these values are not good enough for beauty pageants and that …show more content…
“Beauty Pageants are degrading. But there are pageants, also known as competitions, that bring out the best in young women and are free to enter.” (Source D). Slowly pageants are losing girls who compete because they don’t want to run in competition, they would rather run in pageants which are the same thing just competitions help other women that cannot afford the high end outfits. Another quote from this article is, “Most girls have to be graduated toward the coveted crown; hence they attend the same kind of pageant over and over. Usually this is to the tune of thousands of dollars.” (Source D). This means that a woman or younger girl would have to be dedicated or willing to invest in these pageants because they cost so much for every outfit and appearance look. It matters because if you’re not dedicated to the event, then it would just be wasting money. Pageants are a great thing for all women to compete in and enjoy, but if not having the fun you should have is not a good thing because then you’re in debt of the outfits, hair, and makeup. Beauty Pageants are truly a great thing that every woman should at least be able to experience once in their

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