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  • Pros And Cons Of Selective Breeding

    Introduction The purpose of my research paper was to define and expand on what animal inbreeding and selective breeding is in the Herpetology world. I have provided definitions of both along with the pros and cons as well. Once done, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of each along with the positive and negative aspects of both topics. Both topics are allowed to be very objective, subjective, or opinionated; however, in the end, inbreeding and selective breeding becomes a personal choice. Inbreeding, in a nut shell, is breeding a pair of animals that are closely related. Inbreeding does have an obvious genetic consequence. In general, by breeding animals that are in the same family it…

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  • Inbreeding In Zoos

    DNA determines how our body functions and what we look like. So what is the reason that could cause our own DNA to be our downfall? Inbreeding, which is the mating of organisms that are relatives. Inbreeding or the breeding or related individuals will cause an issue known as inbreeding depression. This is when the biological fitness in a population is reduced. Zoos take part in the practice of inbreeding because they take the claim that it is for the repopulation of the species close to…

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  • Inbreeding Patterns

    OBJECTIVES 1) To study how pumas recognize kin and the general mechanisms of inbreeding avoidance in a non-threatened population and to address how this information might inform studies in threatened populations. 2) To measure the link between population size and inbreeding rates in puma concolor in the 4 Southern California locations. 3) To identify whether the kin recognition mechanism is faulty in Southern California population, and if they had to genetically change in order to allow…

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  • Inbreeding In Zoos Research Paper

    Boakes, E. H., J. Wang, and W. Amos. "An Investigation Of Inbreeding Depression And Purging In Captive Pedigreed Populations." Heredity 98.3 (2007): 172-182. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 July 2015. The purpose of this is to show that the inbreeding in zoos is hurting populations of animals in zoos rather than helping them. The type of person that would read this article is someone interested in the breeding practices of zoos. Inbreeding has proven to weaken the immune system and breeding…

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  • Theme Of Inbreeding In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

    Inbreeding: It is something that we feel, as a society, we have moved entirely away from, and yet it still haunts and evokes a deep fear within us that something so sinister could have happened among us. Edgar Allen Poe, in his work the Fall of the House of Usher, brings the sinister consequences of inbreeding front and center, yet he still manages to do it quite subtly. One of many themes, inbreeding is key to fully understanding the plot and the deeper messages of the Fall of the House of…

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  • Summary Of Genetic Rescue In Isle Royale Wolf

    successful due to its long term effects of increased inbreeding of individuals and decline in population size. Genetic rescue events are important since they help to preserve the survival of species. Humans are necessary to assist with gene flow to increase heterozygosity of the gene pool and increase the population sizes since species are going nearly extinct due to human impacts. This study is unique in that…

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  • Essay On Random Breeding

    through the means of natural selection. The act of natural selection allows for species to evolve and become better suited for an environment. With low genetic variability, a non-favoured characteristic will be unable to be removed. This situation would be prominent within the random-breeding population produced during the experiment. Inbreeding occurs when organisms who are genetically closely related produce offspring together. The danger of inbreeding is that the two individuals who are…

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  • Big Cats Research Paper

    Florida panther in her article entitled “On the edge: Florida panthers, which once roamed the southeastern states, have been reduced to one population” is sad because it reveals that the Florida panther population has been greatly harmed as a result of pollutants, habitat loss, and inbreeding. Pollutants have been an especially major issue for the Florida panther in recent years. Places such as large farms and factories produce great quantities of pesticides and chemicals—many of which end up…

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  • Domestication Of B. Taurus Essay

    The founding population of domesticated cattle would have had traits that made them compatible with captivity and domestication, with inbreeding within such a small groups caused by the bottleneck, the traits that allowed for captivity and domestication increased in frequency as the population inbreed and several generations past. Domestication of B.taurus had consequences for the species, because humans provided for their basic needs (food, shelter and protection). These consequences were…

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  • Line Breeding Pros And Cons

    Throughout the world, cattle breeders use a number of methods to manage the breeding of livestock. These methods are used to retain desired qualities in both beef and dairy cattle. One of the most prominent methods is known as line breeding. This practice is used over a large span of time, in order to insure desired qualities are retained over a number of generations. When used properly over a great number of years, qualities can be maintained indefinitely. The process involves keeping a genetic…

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