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  • Stereotypes: The Role Of Discrimination In Social Groups

    that changes the social behavior of one to make the expectation become true. These expectations can have a negative or positive outcome. Self- fulfilling prophecies can influence how one may form their perception of another, which in turn causes one to create a stereotype of a people group that the induvial belongs to (Spielman, 2014). For example, at the beginning of a new school year a teacher assumes that a particular female student with blonde hair in her class will be uneducated. In return the teacher gives that particular student negative attention, in results causing a poor academic performance from the student. Therefore, the teacher will believe that the female student with blonde hair is uneducated. Due to the negative attention giving to this student, the student performed poorly academically, not because the student presented as a blond hair female. Also, due to this poor academic performance of the blond headed female this teacher will now construct a stereotype. This stereotype will state that, all females with blond hair are uneducated from the assumption gathered of one student who filled the self- fulfilling prophecy of the teacher. Another way that stereotypes can influence the social world, is through stereotypes that form into prejudice feelings. Prejudice is an unjustified negative attitude towards someone due to the dissimilarities one may have compared to another and the social group that they belong to. Prejudices feelings are often passed down from…

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  • Beauty Myths For Women: Male Gaze

    themselves, either through fashion, makeup or constantly exercising. Bordo stated that the body is made, “through table manners, toilet habits, through seemingly trivial routines, rules and practices,” (Bordo, 2014, pg.473). Women are made to constantly feel inadequate in both physical and emotional aspects. Since the 19th century, women have been made to believe that a woman’s place is at home taking care of her husband, home and children. In relations to beauty slenderness is characterized as…

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  • Raven Diamond Cloud: A Short Story

    Beyond the Forest I rolled out of bed and yawned. I decided to go horseback riding so I could see the morning sunrise. I threw on some dark green riding clothes (because that’s my favorite color) and ran out the door. I walked the familiar path and I was almost at the stable when I heard footsteps making their way toward me. Without turning around I yelled, “Adrian I know you 're behind me!” The footsteps stopped, I heard a swish and before I could blink, Adrian was upside down hanging…

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  • Raquel Cepeda

    Many will say that having good hair means for it to be “razor-thin blond hair” as Cepeda stated “people in Santo Domingo call it bueno.” However, for a type of hair to be defined as being good, it’s only based upon the interpretation of the beholder. Due to the fact that as we can sense, Cepeda is not a “razor-thin blond hair” woman; instead she most likely has curly hair. Which she describes it as “ripple like the water in Boca Chica,” As curly hair has lots of endless curves, like the water in…

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  • A Short Story: A Tank's Coming Home

    Nostalgically she dreams of gently swinging in the backyard talking with the baby in her tummy. None of it is possible living in base housing. Alas, the moonbeams dimmed and their river dance faded away. Daily she wished that somehow, in some way she could change it all. One disappointment after another left her life, little more than an existence. Tank is coming home from the war but today she will wait in the kitchen. Her light blond hair, tight in a ponytail, reveals an intense, anxious face.…

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  • Vivien Rose: A Short Story

    Vivien Rose was relaxing at her favourite spot in the country, sitting under the big willow tree. She observed the snowdrop flowers that popped through the moist earth in the early spring. Watching the bubbling brook that wound its way through the field, past patches of lavender while she listened to the birds singing their songs of spring. Her dirty blonde hair blew in the breeze and her young green eyes shone brightly. She had never shown her special place to anyone. As far as she knew, no…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day At The Boys And Girls Club

    The bus pulled up to the curb, and the kids started filing off the bus like ants coming out of an ant hole. They walked in and placed their bags and coats on the hooks. A girl turned and gave me a quizzical look. She had freckles sprinkled across her pale face. She had strawberry blonde hair. “Who are you?” she asked. “I’m Allie, I am going to be working here.” She seemed satisfied with my response and went to go sit down. It was my first day at the Boys and Girls Club. I was exceptionally…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life Changed With A Girl

    She had the palest skin it was like a porcelain doll, man her eyes were just wow they were almost a transparent mix of sea blue with gray flakes and she had this almost white blonde hair, told you she was hot. So we go around this big old tree on the beach and then we disappear the only reason I know we’re in a different place is because the tree isn’t old it’s not even there, but my friends are and they’re looking at me like she did. She looks around and says, “why do you look scared aren’t you…

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  • Scarlet Skye Character Analysis

    Scarlett Skye was an average girl. She is 17 years old and 5 foot 10 inches, she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that are as bright as the sky. She has an oval face with peachy skin, she has slightly plumped lips and a nose that fits perfectly on her face. She has a model like body that is slim, she not weak girl, she is the strongest girl in the school. She is very athletic and very determined to win, she loves to play lacrosse, soccer, track, cross country and basketball. She was voted…

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  • Analysis Of Alex 's ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Everyone kept talking, pretending that nothing had transpired as they finished their food. Alex shook her amused at this person and saw Polly, giving Piper an incredulous look that silently asked how Piper could stand her. Alex chuckled because she was thinking the fucking same thing… how could Piper stand these people? She stood up to go to the bathroom and Piper followed her. They stand in the hallway waiting for the door to open and when Alex’s eyes latched to Piper, she could almost see the…

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