Stereotypes: The Role Of Discrimination In Social Groups

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Stereotypes are defined as “particular beliefs or assumptions about a human being based on their association with a group” (Spielman, 2014, p.225). Stereotypes can be seen throughout people of all ages and cultures, they occur naturally. Stereotypes occur when humans assign a induvial to objects of the world to help classify one into a group. Therefore, when we meet a new person we assume that they have all the traits and characteristics that are common in the social group they belong too according to their stereotype. The base of this social attitude occurs when one proposes a self- fulfilling prophecy, which later turns into the beginning stages of prejudice feelings that eventually evolves into forms of discrimination.
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Discrimination is defined as actions that are negative towards one due to the group they belong to. Discrimination often disregards a person rights due to what group they associate with. Acts of discrimination are often acted out, not just thought of. Discrimination can lead to acts such as exclusion and avoidance of members of a certain group. Positive and negative types of discrimination occur. In our culture, we see more negative act or discrimination than positive ones. Discrimination surrounds us every day in the world we live in we hear it in the news, on the radio, and read about it in the news apps. Stereotypes are the foundation to discrimination. If stereotypes did not occur discrimination would not exist. One must have a stereotype to form a discrimination (Spielman, 2014). For example, if a woman and a man hold the same position at a job that require all the same credentials only difference between the two jobs is the man gets payed more for his position because he is a man. The employer believes that the man is more appropriate for the job, due to him being a male which is a stereotyping that leads to discrimination of the female which causes her to make less money for the same job the male

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