Pros And Cons Of Stereotypes In The United States

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Question 1: There is some trouble with saying that the United States is a nation of “just immigrants” for two main reasons. While it is true that the “first” settlers in the United States would make this nation filled with non natives, it is also true that America was already inhabited by native tribes, making them the only people who were not “immigrants” to the country. In addition, the United States was established many centuries ago, meaning that the first immigrants have progressed through several generations, creating their own culture and background. That being said, it could be argued that this nation began as a nation of “just immigrants” but it has not maintained that status due to it’s progress and creation of culture. America is known as a “melting pot”, therefore, although this country consists of many immigrating ethnicities, there is a problem with describing it as a nation of foreigners because all these ethnicities and emerging generations come together, not to create a nation of outsiders, but …show more content…
Stereotypes and prejudice are inaccurate generalizations that involve negative representations of the subordinate group and usually positive representations of the dominant group. Many times, stereotyping can be an unconscious action, just like racial framing, these ideas are embedded in one’s mentality. Stereotyping can also come as a result of one’s psychology and personality. One’s nature can affect the view of others and can develop stereotypes about other races and ethnicities. However, one’s surrounding environment can also affect one’s way of thinking as negative stereotypes are infiltrated into one’s mind by the media and society itself. Stereotypes and prejudices are also formed to help justify the oppression of subordinate groups. In this way, by maintaining stereotypes and prejudices, dominant groups can rationalize their oppressing actions towards subordinate

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