In the Absence of Truth

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  • Trial And Incongruency Effect

    trials, which is consistent with the results of previous studies (Gratton et al., 1992; Botvinick et al., 1999). The interaction indicated that conflict adaptation had occurred, in that the difference in response times in current congruent or incongruent trials was indeed smaller when the current trial followed an incongruent trial. This finding was consistent with the results of the Botivinick et al.’s (1999) study where a similar interaction was found, but contradicted the results of the Mayr et al. (2003) study. The presence of conflict adaptation in the absence of exact stimulus repetitions was consistent with the authors’…

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  • Consumptions In Michael Scriven's The Presumption Of Atheism

    reasoning in arriving at his conclusion and then attempt to challenge some of the assumptions that Scriven makes in the course of his argument, and provide what I believe to be an example of a case where there can be a retrospective justification for having an arbitrary presumption of theism despite an absence of what would be conventionally considered to be evidence. Scriven begins by addressing…

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  • Pros And Cons Of An Expert Witness

    should be careful in what they say or do in court One of the many pitfalls that an expert witness will face is its legitimacy to stand as an expert witness. An expert witness will be closely examined by the judge. On their competency to provide legitimate information to the court. So the expert witness should instil confidence to the judge that they are a good expert witness and the information they give out to the court is trustworthy. So they should be always prepared when going to court so…

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  • The Dual Multiplex Of The Divided Line Analysis

    are defined of and by themselves, which is contrary to how the other segments of the line operate. For example, thoughts are defined by their constitution of multiple Eternal forms (Quality, Beauty, etc.), physical objects are defined by their physical properties (size, density, malleability, etc.), and deceit, the lowest form, is defined by its absence of the other three segments. The ideas of the eternal form as being defined exclusively by itself and deceit being defined by the absence of any…

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  • The Open Window Paradox

    In both “Like the Sun” and “The Open Window”, the authors use paradox and irony. The stories have different conceptions of how truth, deception, and honesty play a role in the management of chaos. The two stories show how the absence of truth makes life more manageable, yet at the same time, it is a horrible thing. In this essay, I will explain the elements of truth, irony and paradoxes in the stories. In “Like the Sun”, the author uses paradox when he states that the headmaster’s music was a…

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  • The Moral Theory Of Mill's Greatest Happiness Principles

    One would have to tell them the truth and where exactly their mother is located. Now telling them where your mother is would maximize that group of people’s happiness however, you are left heartbroken. So, while you are required to tell the truth to maximize utility you are having to deal with an enormous amount of pain. However, by following the theory your happiness does not play a role when making a decision. Hence, Mill’s theory is false because as we can see in the above example it requires…

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  • Essay On Murdoch's Perception Of Truth

    Murdoch approaches a number of issues but does not raise any of them to a level that can be considered as an absolute truth. From the title of the book, she does not explicitly take a truthful position of the meanings of the novel’s title. Other incidents that are falsely represented are Bradley Pearson’s initials, which do not help to identify the wretched truth hero at the peak of the evil. She seems to heavily borrow from Plato’s idea that the world of every day life is an illusion with a…

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  • Isolation In Brave New World Essay

    is perpetual. Consequently, this unknowingly ceases the freedom of the citizens of the World State. Ultimately, citizens of Brave New World’s society are in a constant state of imprisonment due to their inability to feel unhappy. Brave New World focuses on how happiness and truth cannot coexist through the use of soma, the use of science, and the theme of isolation. Soma fits into the utopian picture of absolute happiness. It is what completely erases the pain and misery creating a world where…

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  • History On Trial Analysis

    individual experiences and an untenable truth, both authors show the impact of gaining understanding rather than an ultimate truth. The Fiftieth Gate and History on Trial each discuss the importance of affirming individual stories as well as the limitations of history and memory, in order to demonstrate the author’s purpose. Through Baker’s representation of history and memory, The Fiftieth Gate communicates a collective need for experiences to be validated, and ultimately demonstrates…

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  • Essay On Augustine On Free Will

    created evil. This creates problems for those who believe that God is all loving and all powerful because if God is truly all loving, then why would he create malice for his beloved children. If God is truly good however, how could he possibly be capable to make evil exist? Augustine concludes that if God is truly perfect, then it is possible to believe that evil is not a thing at all, but simply just the absence of God’s good. How could there…

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