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  • The Diary Of Pechorin's A Hero Of Our Time

    Beginning on page 97 of A Hero of Our Time, a June 5th diary entry marks one of the sections in the chapter, “Princess Mary.” Throughout the novel, more information is uncovered about Pechorin and how he views himself in his society. This diary reveals much of his character especially well because in “Princess Mary” as a whole, it is written from Pechorin’s point-of-view. Within this singular diary entry, several clues are revealed to take apart Pechorin for who he really is. First, at an earlier point in the novel, Pechorin writes that he feels Grushnitsky was trying to write himself as the main character of a story. However, within this chapter, readers can see that Pechorin is doing the same thing in his own life. He writes, “Can it really…

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  • Collective Identity In A Hero Of Our Time

    George Sand’s Indiana and Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time interrogate the conflict between individual and collective identity in the nineteenth century through presenting the individual as a site of ambiguity and hybridity that disrupts the supposed coherence and homogeneity of the collective identities cultivated by national and colonial power relations. Collective identity attempts to bound and border individuals within binary categories, presenting groups defined by national, ethnic,…

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  • In Our Time Kererbs And Ad Analysis

    Reading Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time can be slightly confusing because of the sudden story endings and seemingly choppy and incoherent story line, but linking the stories is the underline appears of war like images. Sometimes these war like images appear in day to day life events. One of these day to day war like images appears in The Battler where readers learn the story of Ad Frances. Ad was once a professional fighter, but he is now very disfigured and presumably lives out near the train…

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  • Big Two Hearted River Part 1 Analysis

    “Big Two Hearted River: Part 1,” a chapters in Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time, reads like a third-person narrative of a young man’s camping trip in the wilderness. However, through close examination of the details in the story, it slowly comes to light that the events that transpire in the young man’s excursions are somewhat related to his experiences in war. Hemingway’s account observes how war changes an individual as they return home, thus leaving them unsettled. Nick, our protagonist, isn’t…

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  • China In Our Time Summary

    The book “China in Our Time” talks about many different things that happened to China in the twentieth century. The major ones are events before communism, Mao Zedong’s era, Deng Xiaoping’s era, and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. These events and people changed China dramatically. At the beginning of the book, it jumps around the twentieth century, about some leaders of China, and a little of what Ross Terrill, the author of the book did in China. The book talks a little bit about the Vietnam…

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  • Analysis Of Our Time By Wideman

    In the essay,” Our Time,” Wideman talks about the discrimination of the African Americans in Homewood because they were seen by the white discourse as unclean and uncivilized groups of people. Wideman proclaims,” The value of black life in America is judged, as life generally in this country is judged, by external, material signs of success.” ( 420). This is quote of Wideman says the African American were often been judged by the white discourse. Wideman even mentions in this statement that the…

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  • In Our Time Literary Analysis

    In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway delves into the true cost of war on the individual. World War One, also known as The Great War, is one of the biggest wars in the modern history. Generations of young men were exposed to the horrors of warfare without being aware of the cost it would have on them. The war took a sense of innocence not only from these soldiers but also from the world. “The strange thing was, he said, how they screamed every night at midnight. I don’t know why they screamed at that…

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  • In Our Time Marxist Analysis

    Throughout the novel In Our Time, written by Ernest Hemmingway, there are many criticisms that are present in each chapter. Specifically, the Marxist theory is prevalent throughout the novel. The Marxist theory is based upon the economic and cultural values of Karl Marx, but it focuses on the social classes that are present in a novel. As well, the Marxist theory focuses on the historical changes that have taken place between these social classes. Many of the short stories within In Our Time…

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  • Our Time Is Up Analysis

    After viewing the short film “Our time is up” by Rob Pearlstein, I was able to place the five components of the plot structure diagram as presented in theatre class. The five plot structure is, exposition, inciting event, raising event, climax, and falling action. The exposition is the beginning of the plot, it sets the foundational background of the main character or the story. At the opening of the story, you see a time clock set, an immaculate environment where everything is not just clean…

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  • Poet For Our Times Poem Summary

    Poet for our time's commentary The headlines of Newspapers are those that catch our eye, and “grab attention”. The poem Poet for our Times by Carol Ann Duffy is one that explores, from the perspective of a newspaper headline writer, scandals and the normal aspects discussed in poetry. Referencing News headlines, the speaker, who is in a bar, provides the audience with social critics as well as the state of what art has become in 1980’s Britain. Through the use of chatty language, as well as a…

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