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  • Collective Identity In A Hero Of Our Time

    George Sand’s Indiana and Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time interrogate the conflict between individual and collective identity in the nineteenth century through presenting the individual as a site of ambiguity and hybridity that disrupts the supposed coherence and homogeneity of the collective identities cultivated by national and colonial power relations. Collective identity attempts to bound and border individuals within binary categories, presenting groups defined by national, ethnic, racial, and gender as homogenous. Sand and Lermontov present multiple individuals who cross categories and disrupt assumptions of collective identity. However, ultimately, the individual cannot overthrow the collective identity and must assimilate or be erased. Both texts present liminal individuals in conflict…

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  • The Diary Of Pechorin's A Hero Of Our Time

    In fact, the desire to humiliate and hurt Grushnitsky seemed to be his only motive throughout the entire chapter. He thinks of himself as a fatalist and views hope as an unnecessary part of life. As before, fate has “chosen” Pechorin to be the way he is. Mikhail Lermontov often alludes to the fact that society has molded Pechorin’s behavior; that the vices of Pechorin are the vices of the society. While that may have some merit in explaining how his behavior continues for so long, Pechorin takes…

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  • Of Self-Indulgence In A Hero Of Our Time By Mikhail Lermontov

    Russia society In A Hero of Our Time written in 1839 by Mikhail Lermontov, a russian writer, painter, and poet. The novel takes place during the nineteenth century in Russia where the people of Russia were struggling with their government laws. As Russia society was still developing, Mikhail Lermontov jotted down the characters cowardness making readers able to analyze and comprehend the characters qualities and lack of self-sufficiency in the novel. Lermontov uses a tone that portrays an…

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  • Summary Of Edward Chancellor's Devil Take The Hindmost

    In Edward Chancellor’s Devil Take the Hindmost (Chapter 8), the Author briefly highlights the era in our history known as the “Reagan Revolution”. Events that Chancellor defines as significant are the weak enforcement of Glass-Steagall, reduced funding for the SEC, and the strike of air traffic controllers. More broadly, Reagan centered his policies around tax cuts, deregulation, and “free-trade” initiatives. Chancellor concludes his overview of the time period by noting that although Reagan…

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  • How Did Ronald Reagan Become Détente?

    unfortunately, this potentially trillion-dollar program was utter fiction and was one of the most notorious faux pas of Reagan presidency and threw the recession the U.S was in down another ladder. Not long after this the criticism Reagan received seemed to do some good and he began the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks with the USSR. The START talks were begun to diminish the nuclear supplies of both countries but when the numbers were crunched and the USSR found out that Reagan had placed…

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  • Russian Nutcracker Analysis

    On December 6th, I saw the Moscow Ballet 's Great Russian Nutcracker at the Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo, MI. The Moscow Ballet was on their 2016 National Tour. The choreographer Stanislav Vlasov, former soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet. Stanislav Vlasov reimagined the ballet and showcased his own view of the Great Russian Nutcracker. It was practically special because Western Michigan University symphony orchestra had the opportunity to play along side of the dancers. Throughout the ballet,…

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  • Danielle Copeland: Magic World Of Ballet

    Misty Danielle Copeland was born on September 10, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri. Even though she was born in Kansas City, she was raised in San Pedro, California. Misty was very late in starting ballet studies, but it didn’t stop her. Usually, ballerinas start studying when they are three or four, but Misty was thirteen when she took her first ballet class. When she unlocked the magical world of ballet, Misty was coping with the fact she was living in a shabby motel room with her five siblings…

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  • Summary Of David Hoffman's The Dead Hand

    American fighter jet violating Soviet border laws only exacerbates the situation to a war scare. Soviet paranoia and their RYAN operation to gather intel on Western preparations for nuclear war are chronicled. Hoffman reports on the covert Soviet biological weapons operation that manufactures infectious diseases and weaponizes them to be used in war and tells of the scientists who worked on creating more virulent strains, and the anthrax factory is described. The eponymous Dead Hand was a Soviet…

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  • Why Was Ronald Reagan Important

    THE IMPORTANCE OF RONALD REGAN Ronald Regan is important because he helped restore optimism in America, grow the economy, and brought an end to the cold war. As the nation’s 40th president, Ronald Reagan was an infectiously optimistic. He gave hope with his optimistic personality at a time where people were afraid of a nuclear war braking out. He even showed optimism and hope when he told the country he had Alzheimer's "When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be," he said, "I will…

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  • Why Is Ronald Reagan Important

    “Tear down this wall” was once said by a former president trying to end the cold war. Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest presidents of all time. The American people had affection and love for him. He was in the presidential office for eight years straight. Ronald Reagan is important because as a former president he was great leader,wonderful character, and strengthen world peace. First of all, Ronald Reagan had great leadership that helped America restore itself. As a president he learned…

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