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  • Radiant-Personal Narrative

    Every day I pranced over in the early morning and played cards with her, ate warm homemade cookies and watched all the classic movies. This old lady, Mrs. Kuznetsov, became my best friend, she was one who I looked up too. I adored her. She spoke to me about stories of her heroic family, amazing stories about how she fled from Russia and had to leave her beloved family behind. Emotionally, she inspired me to become the greatest human I can be. As the days went on, we became closer and closer. I never wanted to leave her side, but one day, the wind blew…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Puente Motivational Conference

    relatively unfamiliar with; Furthermore, I was given the chance to interact with many others that are in the same path as myself. Individuals that are seeking similar opportunities in life for betterment through education. I speak of an event special to my heart, organized by a group of amazing leaders that will guide me into being a successful student and professional. An event that not many have had a chance to experience, but much will appreciate once they understand what it represents. This…

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  • Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever

    In the story The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever by Michael J. Mooney. I learned that sometimes trying to be perfect can kill you. One doesn't have to always try so hard in order to feel worthy of something. Some are just meant to be average and it's difficult to accept that. Another, thing that I learned was it's not all about being better than most but enjoying what you are doing. The main character of the story named Bill Fong says “ Looking back,” Fong says, “ I guess bowling just always…

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  • Mycoskie Swot Analysis

    philanthropic organization TOMS was established in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie in Santa Moncia California. Mycoskie is from Arlington Texas. In 2001 Myscoskie and his sister Paige applied for the cast of Survivor, (the reality show). Auditions consisted of the Amazing race. The Amazing Race was a race around the world in groups of two people who competed with other teams of two. During the course of the race Mycoskie and his partner Paige stopped in Argentina. When in Argentina Mycoskie became aware…

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  • Narrative Stories: 5 Amazing Animal Attack Survival Stories

    5 unbelievable animal attack survival stories (-- removed HTML --) Each year we hear stories about people being attacked by wild animals. These stories are usually over the top, and sometimes they end tragically. The following stories, however, are ones where the people unbelievably survived being attacked. Sometimes miracles do happen. 1. Great white shark attack An Australian diver by the name of Eric Nerhus was diving near the town of Eden, New South Wales when he was swallowed head first…

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  • Michael J. Mooney's The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever

    The author Michael J. Mooney creates a dominant impression of the character Bill Fong by giving details regarding Mr. Fong’s “quirks” throughout the story The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever. Mooney refers to a few peculiar actions made by Fong. These acts include, taking notes when there is the slightest error, the character making adjustments to how he is bowling in the game, his approach while bowling, and how Fong refers to himself as “lucky” regarding a few incidences. In the story, the…

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  • Joseph's Time: The Life Story Of Joseph In The Bible

    Throughout Joseph’s lifetime, it is plain to see that he was a godly man. He is very well known for his coat of many colors, but his life story goes deeper than just a colorful piece of fabric. Joseph is one character in the Bible who shows strong faith and obedience in times of despair. He is a genuine example of how Christians today should go about confronting their personal trials. The story of Joseph and his coat of many colors has little to do with his coat over the course of his entire…

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  • The Beggar In The Living Room Analysis

    Living in a luxurious house with understanding and patient parents is a dream of every child, right? William John Watkins in “The Beggar in the Living Room” draws a portrait of an orphan who was “lucky” to be adopted by an amazing family of Aunt Zsa-Zsa and Uncle Howard, who act like caring and supportive parents. Finally, the protagonist gets away from abusive step-father and gets into the family of well-educated, supportive people. However, behind various acts of attention, the story examines…

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  • Reciprocity Of Speech In Henry James Brooksmith

    James’ Brooksmith is the narration by an unnamed character about his experiences with a servant names Brooksmith during and after his conversations with Brooksmith’s master Mr Offord. In the story, Brooksmith starts off as more of a background character to the narrators and Mr. Offord’s conversations. But as the story goes on, Mr.Offord becomes ill, ultimately bringing Brooksmith into the story’s spotlight. Later on in the story we see the death of Mr.Offord, and then begins the decline of…

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  • Everyday Use By Alice Walker Analysis

    himself shaped them with a certain style" (878). The next thing the mother notices is the stocky man with long messy hair and "hair hanging from his chin like a kinky mule tail" (878). Walker then spells out the sound that Maggie makes as she sees the male friend. She says, "Uhnnnh," which gives the reader a sense of disgust at the thought of the inappropriate look of the man's hygiene. The mother then comes back to Dee as she describes what she is wearing. She gets out of the car in a very…

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