Analysis: Trying To Call John Howard

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Trying To Call John Howard Walking around John Howard home one would find every appliance from the 1970’s, including a typewriter. The only appliance that is not from the 1970’s is his TV, which of course, the 83 year old was, forced to replace due to the original TV he had, which was a gift, burned out. These obvious lack of keeping up with present technology shows John’s clear avoidance of any and all things modernized. From the small town of Lafayette, Indiana with all his family there, he only needed to drive down a street if needing to get any information about who is important to him. This was all until his Nephew Steve moved to the far away modernized area of the D.C. Then in order for him to be in the loop he was forced to use the phone, more importantly he was forced to get a cell phone.
There has always been a sense of stubbornness in Mr. Howard especially with technology. The simplest changes in his daily life always seem to come as an annoyance to
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Steve explained the frustration of the need for John to adapt to the changing technology along with sharing some of the “cool” factor some of the cell phones have to offer. Even though the cool factors of some cell phones such as apps, video chatting, and music player did not get past Johns mindset to get a cell phone, the need to get a hold of John finally got to him when he was visiting Steve and got lost on the way from the Shenandoah Valley to Northern Virginia and forgot which exit to turn off of. The waiting for six hours worried Steve to the extreme, “If only he could get out of his stubborn ways”, he thought. It is funny how the same annoyance that John sees in the modern generation getting consumed with their cell phones is the same level of annoyance seen on the other side by the frustration John creates with not adapting to the use of cell

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