Trying To Call John Howard Analysis

Trying To Call John Howard Walking around John Howard home one would find every appliance from the 1970’s, including a typewriter. The only appliance that is not from the 1970’s is his TV, which of course, the 83 year old was, forced to replace due to the original TV he had, which was a gift, burned out. These obvious lack of keeping up with present technology shows John’s clear avoidance of any and all things modernized. From the small town of Lafayette, Indiana with all his family there, he only needed to drive down a street if needing to get any information about who is important to him. This was all until his Nephew Steve moved to the far away modernized area of the D.C. Then in order for him to be in the loop he was forced to use the phone, more importantly he was forced to get a cell phone.
There has always been a sense of stubbornness in Mr. Howard especially with technology. The simplest changes in his daily life always seem to come as an annoyance to him unless the change had been an imbedded tradition in him. This annoyance shines through the most whenever technology is mentioned, especially about cell phones. Along with Uncle John, many others from his generation resist technology. Lee Siegel’s “Against the Machine:
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Howard got a cell phone, a really outdated cell phone, the ones that have to be flipped open in order to use and is very simple compared to those that are available currently such as an IPhone that would overwhelm John with anger and confusion on why such apps like Flappy Bird and Snapchat were needed when one could simply go play catch or walk the dog outside. But, the world around him and his nephew continuously try to convince him to get further into the current phones available even though knowing his logic behind getting the original cell phone will apply once again and will take another stressful event in order for it to get through John’s head the necessity for the “nonsensical” creations of todays changing cell

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