Alaska Response Paper

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Response Paper One In this paper, I will respond to three topics that will include: “Alaska and Its People” by Maria SHAA TLAA Williams, The Aleuts of the Pribilof Islands, Alaska by Helen D. Corbert and Susanne W Swibold, as well as the video of Beautiful Journey by Demientieff and Williams, and closing with a summary of power point Alaska Native Perspectives Na Dena – Athabascan Peoples by Maria Williams. According to The Alaska Native Reader of your book, Alaska is one fifth the size of the continental United States, which makes it the largest state followed by Texas. Alaska has 2 large mountain ranges: The Brooks Range (I grew up near those mountains) and The Alaska Range and has 17 of 20 of the tallest peaks on The North American Continent. The most known is Mount McKinley however Athabascans call it Denali which, means the Great One. Kodiak Island is the second largest island proceeded by the Island of Hawaii. The Unangan word for Alaska is Alaxxsaq which translates to place the sea moves toward and other Unangan word is Alyeska which translates to the great land. I think the native words and their meaning are more beautiful than the given western names. Southeastern Alaska is home to the …show more content…
The interior of Alaska is home to the Athabascan people. The Aleutian Islands are home to the Unangan people. The northern region is home to the Inupiaq (I am

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