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    Albert Schweitzer: The Sincere, Sympathetic, and Supportive Servant of God Albert Schweitzer once said, “[d]o something wonderful, people may imitate it” (n.pag). Albert Schweitzer grew up in a Christian family, his father being a Lutheran Pastor. Albert’s childhood affected Schweitzer’s life significantly. As Schweitzer grew up, he pursued his talents on playing the organ and studying philosophy and theology. Studying Philosophy and theology acted as the first steps to the great mission later on. After he had finished studying medicine, Schweitzer took off to accomplish what no one would do at that time. Though there were ups and downs in the process, Albert held strong in his call for his great mission. Albert Schweitzer was a great Christian man who worked for God and for those in need of help; his great works affected and still affect many people’s lives directly and indirectly. According to, “Albert Schweitzer was born on 14 January 1875 in Alsace, Germany” (presently Haut-Rhin, France) (n.pag). His father being a Lutheran Pastor, Albert grew…

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  • Of Man In The Stream Of Time Analysis

    cast out of the garden. From that point on, sin enters the world. Each man has the mentality of being better than the next person. Therefore, the more power he has the better. Also, man often wants things to be done his way. The job cannot get done his way if someone else is in control. An example of how man controls nature is by cutting the grass. No matter whether man cuts his grass once a week, once a month, or once a year, he is still controlling nature. Also, mankind controls nature…

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  • How Bach Brought Light Into Darkness

    Albert Schweitzer when he was a kid he was devoted to music, education and religion. He went to Strasburg college. He got a degree in physiology. The next year he went back to college. Schweitzer then got a degree in medicine. Then he went to africa to save people. He gave many sick Africans food, water, and medicine. He earned a Nobel Peace Prize. That is how he brought light into darkness. -Bram Martin Luther King Jr was a great man. He really brought changes to our country by fighting…

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  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Person Analysis

    Albert Einstein, a respected Nobel Prize winner and scientist who had a great impact on the science community through his research that created answers to the mysteries of the physical world such as the general theory of relativity. He was an intelligent individual, obtaining many honors and titles in the science community. Einstein truly represents something that many of us long for, success. As a society, we often praise him and others who seemed to have been gifted with the desirable gift of…

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  • Criticism Of Absurdism In The Plague

    The Plague: Reading Log #1 1.) The plague begins in the Algerian port town of Oran in the 1940’s. Due to unknown reason, all the rats in town begin dying in a horrific manner. The town doctor, Bernard Rieux becomes concerned because of the manner the rats are dying. Soon the rats stop dying and the citizens become ill. It became evident that the Bubonic plague has hit the town. As people began to die, Rieux and other doctors beg authorities to take preventive action which results in a…

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  • Martin Luther King And Sartre Comparison

    Freedom can mean many things to many people, freedom to me means being liberated from what once held one in bondage. Although, freedom according to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary gives a concise definition which states: “Liberation from slavery or restraint or from the other power of another: independence. Nevertheless, Martin Luther king Jr. is a well-known activist who fought for the freedom for African Americans. Also know for the March and his I have a dream speech. He wrote a letter…

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  • The Background Of Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory

    Body: In 1977, psychologist Albert Bandura created the social learning theory. This theory brings forth the idea that people, mostly children learn through modeling. Modeling is the act of learning through watching a parent or family member, television character, or a friend and later copying the behavior observed. Bandura’s most famous and known experiment was the “Bobo doll experiment”. During this experiment children watched an adult be aggressive towards a bobo doll and after they were…

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  • Relationship Between Hae And Adnan

    Adnan didn't have a good enough motive to kill Hae therefore he’s innocent. Or as how the state put it I feel like it was a weak one. But not just that it was also because he didn’t seem to be very affected by the breakup.Nor did his friends see a different view in his attitude not once did he seem sad or depressed over Hae. Also everyone always said that they had an on and off relationship but it was also a really normal teenage love. Hae and Adnan both seemed to move on from each other pretty…

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  • The Time Machine Analysis

    The Time Machine H.G. Wells composed The Time Machine in 1895, a long time before time travel as we probably are aware it was even thought about. It is presumed that many would joyfully fight that The Time Machine is the first catalyst for the idea that would bring forth such well-known media as Dr. Who and the more extensive part of time travel seen in other sci-fi. That being stated, time travel isn't the purpose of Wells' novella. Rather, time travel is the casing through which he…

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  • Albert Speer's Contribution To Nazi Germany

    In order to make a judgement on the contribution of Albert Speer to the history of Nazi Germany, and to international history, one must look into his role as Hitler 's architect and his role as Minister for Armaments. In order to better understand Speer, one must look into his background. Albert Speer the apolitical technocrat, was born in Mannheim, Germany on 19th March, 1905. He was the son of a wealthy and successful architect. While his family wealth provided Speer with numerous advantages…

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