Of Man In The Stream Of Time Analysis

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“Of Man in the Stream of Time” is written by Rachel Carson. In this essay, Carson discusses the importance for man to take responsibility over nature. Also, Carson focuses on “man’s attitude toward nature” (Carson 311). Scripture and worldly evidence provide proof that nature can survive on its own without the help of mankind.
Genesis 1:27 says, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living creature that moves on the earth” (ESV). In this passage, God is commanding mankind to have dominion over the earth and all the animals that inhabit the land. Even though man is commanded to have dominion, this does not give man the power
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Not only does man have the need to control nature, but he has the need for power. The main reason man strives for power is because each man has a sinful nature. In the beginning of Genesis, God gives Adam and Eve the responsibility of taking care of the garden. However, Adam and Eve disobey God and are cast out of the garden. From that point on, sin enters the world. Each man has the mentality of being better than the next person. Therefore, the more power he has the better. Also, man often wants things to be done his way. The job cannot get done his way if someone else is in control. An example of how man controls nature is by cutting the grass. No matter whether man cuts his grass once a week, once a month, or once a year, he is still controlling nature. Also, mankind controls nature by containing animals in aquariums and zoos. People may love to see exotic animals, but this is controlling nature. Man is controlling where the animals live, what they eat, and what other animals and people they come in contact with. Dr. Albert Schweitzer says, “So nature does indeed need protection from man” (Carson 314). Therefore, man is to provide protection only and not to have power over it. Even though man may be helping some animals, we still have control over them. We should take Carson’s advise and not try to take over nature. Carson says, “Instead of always trying to impose our will on Nature we should sometimes be quiet and listen to what she has to tell us” (Carson

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