Broken Relationship: Human Relation With Nature

Broken Relationship: Human relation with Nature
According to the Merriam-Webster (n.d.), a relationship is the relation between two people or things. Humans has acknowledged all types of relationships: family, friends, partners, colleagues, strangers, etc. except for one…nature. Humans perceives nature as Others, something that distinguish from humans. However, according to Robinett, everything is connected to nature, from micro-organism to humans (2014). Throughout history, humans see nature as a way to conquer rather a necessary to survive especially during the Scientific Revolution period. During the Scientific Revolution (1550-1700), modern science started to expand through new discoveries and knowledge. People tried to understand and
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For instance, “Philosophy distinguishes as the NOT ME, that is, both nature and art, all other men and my own body, must be ranked under this name, NATURE.” (Emerson, 1836) Emerson is stating that humans and nature cannot live without each other. Humans are submissive to nature. There’s no such thing as “Me”, every human is the same and without nature, we wouldn’t be alive. Even though Emerson is presenting that humans and nature should be united, this quote “Nature, in the common sense, refers to essences unchanged by man; space, the air, the river, the leaf”, (Emerson, 1836) which illustrate the dysfunctional relationship of these two. If humans can’t touch nature, then how they can restore the broken relationship? Emerson makes nature something heaven-like, an ideal that humans will continue strive for but would never …show more content…
“A work of art is an abstract or epitome of the world. It is the result or expression of nature, in miniature.” (Emerson, 1836) This refer back to Romanticism, the period that this text was publish. Emerson stated that people such as poet, painter, sculptor, etc. uses nature as a way to express their love to nature. This is basically what Romanticism is. During the Romantic period, people uses nature as way to express their emotions in all types of arts (e.g literature, music, painting) Unlike the chapter Commodity, nature is picture as an expression of God. “The world thus exists to the soul to satisfy the desire of beauty” (Emerson, 1836). Nature exist to benefit humans in different ways, not only as a resource that humans can use in order to survive. Since nature provides different types of benefits, this indicates that it’s far superior than humans. Humans are submissive to nature and Emerson doesn’t show any signs of humans helping

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