Albert Einstein's Photoelectric Effect

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Register to read the introduction… Einstein developed the theory that light travels at the same speed no matter the “frame of reference” which contradicted Galileo’s previously believed theory of relativity, giving the scientific community a different idea to ponder (Hayden 12). Albert discovered that the universe was constantly expanding, later proven by Edwin Hubble, which discredited the previous view that the universe was static or never changing, altering the scientific world’s past beliefs ( 14). One of Einstein’s published papers explained the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect contradicted the universal view of light as waves and claimed that it was actually small bursts, similar to billiard balls, called “photons” (Fox 12). Einstein developed never before heard theories that changed the way scientists saw what they thought they had already …show more content…
He never supported the destruction of human life. Albert helped get the work on the atomic bomb started because he thought it better that America have this weapon versus the Nazis, but it forever regretted the creation of such a deadly weapon (Hayden 28). Einstein even expressed the opinion that the United States Military should develop the bomb but then relinquish it to the United Nations for world protection ( 18). He became heavily involved in antiwar movements, hoping to stop the pain and bloodshed caused by such activities (Britannica School 40). Albert helped the United States Navy develop weapons for the war effort and assisted in the raising of funds for the military ( 18). Although Einstein was on vacation when he heard the news of the dropping of the atomic bomb, he quickly immersed himself in efforts to contain the bomb and created the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (Britannica School 39). Einstein did not agree with the use of such a bomb and was heavily involved in ways to save lives that were put in danger by the use of this …show more content…
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