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  • Importance Of Learning Strategies In The Success Of Online Self-Directed Learning

    As a mature aged student studying via distance education, it can sometimes be difficult to self-manage and find a healthy balance between life, work and study. Additionally, information overload can prove overwhelming, hindering proper memory retention, after having been out of the learning environment for numerous years. Discovering what strategies work best is an individual process of trial, error and re-evaluation. The time management and learning strategies I will explore to counteract these challenges are the Covey time management matrix, to-do lists, note taking and reflective journaling. As one the major fundamentals in the success of online self-directed learning is time management, it seemed prudent to start with addressing this challenge first. Describing time management as a misnomer better defined as self-management, Covey (1990) suggests deconstructing, evaluating and prioritising activities based on significance towards long term goals. Subsequent to reading Covey (1990), I decided to clearly define what my long term goals are and analyse which activities are beneficial to these objectives. In order to clearly identify time wasting activities, reduce stress and prioritise what is important, actions and events were sorted into the four quadrants representing the time management matrix. A report by Theiss (2013) highlights stress as being caused by a time management imbalance, which can be rectified using the time management matrix by Covey. Consequent to this…

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  • Please Explain Why You Wish To Pursue A Career At Bloomberg Essay

    1. Please explain why you wish to pursue a career at Bloomberg I really enjoy a vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle, as well as international exposure. Through my experience at Franklin Covey talking to people and using computers as a top sales representative, I can contribute to your company by increasing client satisfaction with my knowledge in business, business analytics, computers, and languages. My time spent at Intel, Johnson and Johnson Medical, and the MBA supports me to be successful at…

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  • Harland Bartholomew's Role In The City Planning Profession

    Harland Bartholomew is one of the original municipal planners that influenced the city planning profession from 1914 to present day. Bartholomew’s influence and notability in city planning has three distinct areas (Lovelace, 1993). These three areas include the education of planning professionals, civil service at both the city and national level, and his private practice and advancement of a systematic comprehensive plan (Lovelace, 1993). These three areas tell a story of an individual that had…

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  • Harland Bartholomew's Contribution To The City Planner

    Harland Bartholomew name might be not as widely known as Ebenezer Howard, Jane Jacobs, or Robert Moses, but it can be argued that he is just as important to how city planners are impacted today through his theories and methods. Bartholomew was a city planner that lived from 1889 to 1989 (Lovelace, 1993). He was one of the original municipal planners and has influenced city planning profession from 1914 to present day. Bartholomew’s influence and notability in city planning has three distinct…

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  • The Financial Planning Process

    In 1983, financial planning was defined as a process utilized by financial planners to objectively assess a client’s goals, developing a plan to meet those goals, followed by the implementation of the plan and thenceforth a periodic review of the plan to ensure the client was making progress towards their goals (Chene, Gold, & Gramlich, 2010). Boone (2000) provides a similar definition by suggesting that financial planning is the advice and service designed to help meet a client’s life goals…

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  • Personal Financial Planning

    After working for 30 years in the accounting and purchasing departments in a public school system in Louisiana, I started a new career as a financial planner. Upon completing all of my coursework with the College of Financial Planning, I realized that much of what I learned could have helped greatly if I had this knowledge while working in the school system. Although I did fairly well financially in my career, I could have done much better if I had a book like this when I first started my…

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  • The Importance Of Community Planning

    As a planner while making a comprehensive plan for it is of utmost importance that plan is to be prepared according to the requirements and needs of the area. The primary concern is to provide and develop such a plan which people of that area will acknowledge and accept it. Thus over the time authorities have been trying to put emphasis on public participation as a major component for planning process. This participation comes in various forms, out of which the surveys and community meetings…

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  • Financial Planning Essay

    QUESTION 1 Regulatory Framework of the Financial Planning Industry 1) “If a financial adviser is to give appropriate advice, they require a good knowledge of Corporate Law.” Discuss. Answer: There are a couple of aspects that require a financial planner to know about corporate law in detail. Firstly, as financial planners are running a business they have a responsibility to follow and comply with the rules and regulation under Corporations act to ensure that the firms are fulfilling its duties…

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  • The Death And Life Of Great American Cities Summary

    Her first book called The Death and Life of Great American Cities was written as a critique to the failing 1950s urban planning policies that led to the further decline of many already struggling neighborhoods, it was her most popular book and it ignited a spark of controversy among urban planning professionals in the field . Jacobs’ called this popular piece “the relation of the function to design in large cities.” One thing that Jacob criticized in her book was how the government supported…

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  • Accounting Major Essay

    pass the exam after meeting the semester hour requirements, but you must also complete a year of work experience. This year of work experience may be comprised of schooling, working at a firm, working for the government or industry in any capacity involving the substantial use of accounting, financial, tax or other skills that are relevant to the profession. The Virginia Board of Accountancy is the body of regulators who determines whether the year of experience is relevant for the accounting…

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