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  • Argumentative Essay On Fraternities

    century college students started forming groups in order to discuss current events, politics, and other controversial issues. Students formed this after not feeling “challenged enough” by their classes and professors. As time passed fraternity groups formed all over college campuses. In the beginning fraternities only had white, male members. Today, they have expanded to include women (sororities) and minorities. In the past fraternities were formed in secret, and to explore different “intellectual” topics. Present day fraternities emphasize social functions and academics. (SJSU,2016) Fraternities are not “necessary” today. There are many clubs and other organizations that students are able to join in order to be more involved on campus, socialize, and be active. However, fraternities/sororities are very deeply engraved in our culture. Despite the issues that they have been involved in, it is not likely that they will stop having a strong presence on campuses around the United States. Fraternities have “survived: The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I and II, the Great Depression, The Vietnam War, and the…

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  • Colleges Banning Fraternities

    “Should colleges ban fraternities and sororities?” is a question that is frequently asked due to all of the controversy surrounding Greek life. It is also the title of Jake New’s InsideHigherEd article outlining the various instances of misbehavior by Greek organizations across America. One incident that is mentioned is when “the Texas Tech University chapter of Phi Delta Theta was suspended after displaying a banner that read ‘No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal’ ” (New). The banner obviously angered…

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  • The Dark Power Of Fraternities: Rhetorical Analysis

    “Are fraternities acting in an ethical manner, requiring good behavior and punishing poor decisions? Or are they keeping a cool distance from the mayhem, knowing full well that it occurs with regularity?” (Flanagan). Many individuals have never taken out the time to research and study some of the hidden secrets about fraternities. However, author Caitlin Flanagan wrote “The Dark Power of Fraternities” published in 2014 in The Atlantic, and she argues all of the hidden flaws within fraternities…

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  • Fraternity President Case Study

    Welcome Message from the Fraternity President Welcome to the first-ever Kappa Leadership Conference! With a new organizational structure comes the opportunity to provide our members with an event that combines enhanced training and leadership development at the district level. The focus will be on Kappa’s core educational values — our Pillars of Education. Throughout the conference, we will explore the concepts of sisterhood, leadership, intellectual development, well-being, community…

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  • Essay On Fraternities And Sororities Should Be Banned

    the Question How would banning fraternities and sororities impact the students? Is racism, hazing, and derogatory acts not reason enough for Universities to ban fraternities and sororities? In my opinion, no all fraternities/sororities should not be banned because it is only few that are partaking in such activities. As you know not all organizations have the same morals and standards. Knowing that, I feel as if the student body would be largely effected if campuses were to ban all…

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  • Sigma Nu Fraternity Case Study

    signatures. Also, the presence and consumption of alcohol violated the campus’ and fraternity’s policies. The fraternity conducted a tailgate function during a period of suspended activity and also lacked in cooperation during interviews. These violations do not represent the fraternity in any way and do not reflect on the character of each and every member of the fraternity. 2.How the chapter and individual members have or would be held accountable for such violations. The chapter has…

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  • The History Of Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

    Growing up, many of us have obtained some knowledge on greek-letter organizations somehow. Whether we have all seen movies about colleges that are fraternity and sorority based or through social media. They’ve given us a little insight on the college life and if you’re like me, these moves have gotten you inspired and excited for college. They’ve shown us the crazy parties, the popularity, the step battles, and the harsh hazing as well. Even though we see an abundance of what goes on in these…

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  • Essay On Fraternity And Sorority Alcohol Use

    Greek life on campus is an aspect of upper education that is publicized often, many proclaiming the social and educational benefits of living with your peers, but has a significant amount of negative stigma attached to it. Although the tales told of fraternities and sororities are sometimes exaggerated, there are many more cases where Greek life organizations have garnered copious amounts of attention for controversial behavior. In Fraternity and Sorority Alcohol Use: Does Race Matter?, Michael…

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  • What Are The Negatives Of Being Involved In A Fraternity

    efforts and 908,905 for community service projects” (Frequently). Being involved in a sorority is so much more than most people seem to believe. Charity work is an enormous component that the outside eye tends to gloss over. Many universities love to see their students involved in extracurricular activities which is why they proudly broadcast that students involved in Greek organizations tend to have higher grade point averages and higher graduation rates. A study put on at the University of…

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  • Sorority And Fraternity Or Fraternity

    Do Sorority and Fraternity Members have Lower Rates of Depression? Major Depression can be defined as having a perpetual feeling of sadness and loss of interest. A lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and not enough exercise make up a recipe for depression among college students. The stress that comes with academia — including pressure to get good grades, financial worries, failed relationships and conflicts with roommates — are enough to force some students to leave college or worse. The…

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