North-American Interfraternity Conference

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  • Sigma Nu Fraternity Case Study

    1.How and why violations of the Fraternity’s policy and law occurred. Violations of the fraternity’s policy and law occurred due to actions deemed as hazing during a call down and by having candidates exchange small favors for member signatures. Also, the presence and consumption of alcohol violated the campus’ and fraternity’s policies. The fraternity conducted a tailgate function during a period of suspended activity and also lacked in cooperation during interviews. These violations do not represent the fraternity in any way and do not reflect on the character of each and every member of the fraternity. 2.How the chapter and individual members have or would be held accountable for such violations. The chapter has continued to suspend the candidate curriculum along with ceasing all planned functions involving the fraternity. Individual members of the fraternity have shown great courage by admitting to their violations and have taken full responsibility of their actions. These violations go against the foundation that this fraternity was built on and the penalty for these violations should not be administered lightly. However, it should be understood that the severity of the punishment should match the severity of the violation. Members of the fraternity involved in these violations meant no harm to a candidate or to the chapter as a whole. All actions were carried out with a mindset that only focused on the immediate outcomes. Members clearly were not acting out with the…

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  • NFL Scandal Research Paper

    One of the most popular sports conspiracy theories to come out of the past Century will probably go down in history as the deflate gate . It entails the fact that the Patriots were accused of deflating footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. Many believe that the Scandal has married a lot of holes and that is not fully born to be convicting Tom Brady quarterback of the New England Patriots of any wrongdoing. Though the Patriots have had a history of some sport…

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  • Hillary Clinton Democratic Party Analysis

    the United States. His ideology consists that there can not be a country without a border. A country is not safe without a border, illegal aliens are not welcomed. He affirms that if immigrants want to come are more than welcomed, but legally. The candidate claims that illegal immigration is ruining our country and generating most of the crime problems. While Hillary doesn’t worry about creating a bigger mark. She says that no more borders are needed between us and our neighbor country Mexico.…

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  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

    The purpose of this research paper is to clearly define the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the South African Development Community (SADC). The two agreements selected are both vastly different and the few similarities between the two are thoroughly discussed. Conflict management protocols that each nation uses will provide a further understanding of the many differences. The goals of each agreement are examined to further understand the future of the NAFTA and SADC nations. The…

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  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Australia

    “Nearly five million American manufacturing jobs – one out of every four – have been lost since implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO)”(American Jobs 1). The worst part of this is that the TPP will further the devastation of jobs in the U.S. Many jobs will be lost to other countries included in this deal. The industries that may benefit include U.S. Fruit and vegetable farmers as well as beef farmers. “The produce industry will…

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  • Intervention In Somalia

    In addition to the direct failures of the intervention, we can learn a great deal about the American failure through the consequences of Somalia. Domestic politics drives foreign policy, and in the case of Somalia, the domestic backlash sheds light on what was a step in the wrong direction for security as seen through Presidential Decision Directive 25. After the tragedy of the battle of Mogadishu and Black Hawk Down, President Clinton was facing mounting domestic pressure to ‘bring the boys…

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  • After Nafta Case Study

    Stated producers to sell tomatoes. If U.S. producers don’t have minimum floor price to protect them, Mexican producers may cut their prices as they want. This doesn’t consistent with the purpose of NAFTA which is to create conditions for fair competition. Thus, it is important to set up the minimum floor price to create a fair competition. However, the minimum floor price didn’t achieve the protection of U.S producers. But due to the United Stated, Canada and Mexico these three countries…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Nafta

    NAFTA (NAFTA) North America free trade agreement is one of the largest trade agreements in the world. NAFTA was created to make free trade between Canada, Mexico, and the United State. Mexico free trade with the United States is located right at the Mexican border which spans around about 6 states in Mexico. The pros of NAFTA are no tariffs, import duties. Also citizens will be employed between the three nations. Tariff is the tax or duty between an exported or imported good. People…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Trans Pacific Partnership

    The Trans Pacific Partnership has benefits for the economy, agriculture, and manufacturing. This agreement would lead to and end of copious amounts of high taxes on American products. “The Office of the United States Trade Representative said it eventually would end more than 18,000 tariffs.” (Calmes). More positives of the new pact reported by Office of United States Trade Representative are that the TPP provides new and commercially meaningful market access through significant tariff…

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  • Ford In Mexico

    and businesses. Many companies these days are unable to meet the demands of the American work force. American workers are protesting and fighting for $15 hour wage, full benefits such as paid leave both vacation and sick leave. Many families are requesting 8 to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave for not only the mother but also the father. The demands of the American workers are steadily getting more demanding, and not to mention costly to companies, the inability to meet these demands from…

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