Essay On Fraternities And Sororities Should Be Banned

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To Ban or Not To Ban That Is the Question How would banning fraternities and sororities impact the students? Is racism, hazing, and derogatory acts not reason enough for Universities to ban fraternities and sororities? In my opinion, no all fraternities/sororities should not be banned because it is only few that are partaking in such activities. As you know not all organizations have the same morals and standards. Knowing that, I feel as if the student body would be largely effected if campuses were to ban all organizations.
One example is University of Oklahoma has 25 fraternities and 17 sororities however only a few of them have been caught participating in misconduct ( One of the few organizations is Sigma Alpha Epsilon
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Soon after hundreds of dapper white students including SAE fraternity brothers marched as a smiling student carried a black faced effigy hanging from a noose throughout campus. Then left it hanging over the school’s historic archway. As the students walked they chanted, “Two, four, six, eight, we don’t want to integrate, eight, six, four, two, we don’t want no jigaboo”. According to Robert Cohen, a professor at New York University who wrote a paper on the chant (“A History Of Racism At Sigma Alpha Epsilon”8). As you can see SAE’s racial ties run deep, so I feel as if t2hey should be banned everywhere. On many campuses they have nicknames for the SAE members such as “Sexual Assault Expected” or “Same Assholes Everywhere”. The fraternity is also known for members to most likely die which is believable being that in one case where students were forced to swim around in a kitty pool of throw up and bodily fluids as a part of initiation and that can’t be healthy because swimming in other peoples throw up and pee cannot be sanitary “Dartmouth fraternity pledges ordered to swim through feces in boxer shorts among hazing rituals, says …show more content…
Nu Alpha Phi is known as an Asian interest fraternity with seven chapters at New York colleges. Police reports state that three students pledging the Nu Alpha Phi fraternity were taken to a park around midnight and made to do extraneous exercises without gloves for “failing to perform their daily duties,” according to the police, and if you have ever been to Syracuse then you know how cold it can get there “Syracuse University fraternity pledges were 'punished ' 22 days, 3 times a day, police report says”( McMahon 9 ). Soon after they had finished their “exercises” the three students were given hand warmers and told to walk back to campus. Nu Alpha Phi is known as an Asian interest fraternity with seven chapters at New York colleges, so this incident is going to have a huge toll on their organization. I feel as if situations like this is hard to tell whether or not fraternities like this should be banned. Being that I have done research on the organization and read about what their purposes are. It seems as if we need that type of diversity in our system. However what they did could have possibly killed a student so they do deserve to be punished in some way. However not banned from all universities as a whole because this is only their first incident compared to all the good they do on a regular

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