Free Speech: The Dangers Of Space And Freedom Of Speech

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The Dangers of Safe Spaces Safe spaces can destroy the basic setup of college campuses right to promote freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is something that many have fought long and hard for everyone to have. College is supposed to help everyone get accustom to how things are in the real world. Having “safe spaces” on campuses deliberately hinders freedom of speech and it helps generate a world of more close minded people. While colleges are comprised of people from all around the world, everyone’s mind is not that diverse when it comes to thinking. With that being said, not everyone has the same viewpoint. Freedom of speech gives you the right to voice your opinion on any topic. But, that should go for everyone. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr gave his, “I have a dream” speech, plenty of people were against it. They didn’t want to hear it, but, they couldn’t stop him from voicing it. In an article featured in the Washington Post, “Don 't ask us for trigger warnings or safe spaces” there was an excerpt from the dean from the University of Chicago. One of the main purposes of college is to learn from other. In the article the dean states, “"You will find that we expect members of our community to be engaged in …show more content…
Just because someone’s view is different from yours, doesn’t make them wrong or their intentions hurtful. In “Problematic: The Battle for Free Speech” Peter Wright, he has the same view on “safe spaces”. Wright states that safe spaces” creates an atmosphere that conflicts with the intent of higher education (which is the furthering of participant’s education and strengthening critical thinking) and the rules of the College as a whole.” One of the main purposes of college is to force you to have conversations about opposing viewpoints. In every class in college, there are open discussions. No student should be allowed to leave because they are upset over someone else’s

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