Macroaggressions: The Dangers Of Trigger Warnings On College Students

Trigger warnings on college campuses, as a means to warn students of course material that may be offensive or disturbing to them, should not be allowed because it does not allow professional, intellectual academic discourse to occur. College professors are staring to second think on what course material to teach, because many students become offended with what comes out of the professor’s mouth, this also applies to comedians that would perform, but now they can’t because of the immaturity of students. Macroaggressions are the leading cause for the existence of trigger warnings. Macroaggressions are words or actions done by someone with no intent of harming someone, yet people take it the wrong way and think of it as a kind of violence. Greg …show more content…
citizen’s right to free speech. If trigger warnings were established to help students feel secure, then why does it repress the teaching abilities of college professors? The idea that in an educational setting, we as students as well as the teachers cannot express our feelings is preposterous. Now there are moments when people will try to take advantage of free speech and deliberately hurt others through words, but not all words should be censored. Students take small comments to be offensive, yet they may make a comment about someone else with ease; Mike Bloomberg provides an excellent example of why our freedom of speech should be justified without any restrictions as he says “What I do may offend you. You may find my actions immoral or unjust. But attempting to restrict my freedoms – in ways that you would not restrict your own- leads only to injustice” (Bloomberg 105). These powerful words by Bloomberg show us that everyone has the right to speak their mind and nobody is capable of taking that away from us. Yes the ideas going through someone’s head can be misleading, not only to a person, but to a whole group – or in some cases a community. That is why we as humans have a tendency of stopping each other, by any means necessary, so that we don’t have to have to hear the words or ideas that annoy us or make us feel uncomfortable; yet without having to worry about those restrictions, we can come up with the most beautiful discoveries. Great individuals have broken the chains and have succeeded; “that was true for Socrates and Galileo, it was true for Nelson Mandela and Vaclav Havel…) (Bloomberg105). If these individuals had let themselves be chained by society and their words then in this present age, we would not have their teachings to guide is in a better

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