Trigger Warnings By Erika Price

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Do you support mentally ill students? Erika Price, a professional academic, argues that people who don’t support trigger warnings are the ones who don’t support disabled and mentally ill students. While the University of Chicago has officially released letters to their incoming freshman declaring that they are against the use of trigger warnings, Price pointed out the importance of trigger warnings in her article, “Hey, University of Chicago: I am an academic. I am a survivor. I use trigger warnings in my classes. Here’s why.” According to Price, Trigger warnings are small advisories placed before the presentation of material that people may find acutely upsetting. In this essay, I will explore how Price builds up a strong argument throughout the article in favor of trigger warnings with the use of ethos, pathos, and logos, however, weakens her argument toward the end with a sarcasm. …show more content…
She begins the article mentioning University of Chicago’s decision. She continued writing as a pro-TW with intending University of Chicago as her audience. She included definition and causal arguments to make it easier to convince her audience, NCAC source and personal examples to appeal to ethos, a powerful statistic about trigger warnings to appeal to logos, and numerous examples to appeal to pathos. She maintained a serious tone for the most part of the article. Toward the end, however, instead of providing a possible solution to the problem, she used sarcasm against con-TW

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