Rhetorical Analysis Of Man Therapy By Sam Mocarki And Hum Butler

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Stigmatization can be something as simple as referring to the mentally ill as “crazy”, or something much for harmful, like invalidating a person’s illness by telling them to just “get over it”. The two articles Stigma and Help Seeking for Mental Health Among College Students by Daniel Eisenberg et al., and A Critical, Rhetorical Analysis of Man Therapy by Sam Mocarski and Sim Butler, both address this issue in a unique way that caters to their disciplines. Eisenberg and his co-authors focus on the impact of stigmatization and identifying the problem and its effects. They do this by surveying college students on how stigmatization has affected help-seeking. On the other hand, Mocarski and Butler focus on a solution to the problem and analyze …show more content…
This is puzzling considering those sections would be the hardest to understand by a mainstream audience. However, generally speaking, this article was structured in this manner to present scientific evidence without alienating the reader by creating a difficult to read report. Also of note, after the conclusion of the article, there is an appendix which details what questions were asked in the survey. This would add to the testability of the experiment, and it would also allow the audience to check what they perceive the expanse of stigma to be, as well as to check their own perceived stigma.
Mocarski and Butler’s article was a humanities piece that was in the book review genre. The article is broken up by headings and subheadings. The main headings denote what part of the book review it is, and the subheadings denote what point the authors are currently arguing. For example, the section with the heading “Analysis” is broken up by subheadings titled “Constructions of masculinity”, “Mental Health Seeking as Identifiably Masculine”, and “Differentiation humor.”(Mocarski and Butler 133-136). This style of structuring is very easy to read, which suggests the audience for this piece is not just
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APA style gives the year an article was published prominence, which shows that the data being discussed is up to date. The authors also rely on charts and tables to convey their findings. Ironically, these charts and tables are the most difficult part of the paper to read, and yet they are the backbone of the paper. However, the authors go to great lengths to explain these charts thoroughly to deepen the audience's understanding. While the article does not utilize quotes, it does use a plethora of parenthetical citations like the other article. Unlike the other article, however, they are used to provide backup and context for their research, unlike the other article which uses them to back up their

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