Silly Student Protesters Have It Wrong Essay

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In the two stories, “The seduction of Safety, on Campus and beyond” by Roxane Gay and “Silly student Protesters Have It Wrong: “Safe Space” are Incompatible with a University” by Charles C.W. Cooke are both different in values and priorities. In Gay’s articles she believes that there is a chance for people to have “safe space” where they are able to be better in their own way. In Cooke article he think the opposite that there should be no change that they need to maintain focused on the real problem that are there classes.
In the article “The seduction of safety, on campus and beyond” by Roxane Gay many of the values and priorities where different because the writer had different points of view in which she stated, “Those who take safety for granted disparage safety because it is, like so many other rights, one that has always been inalienable to them.” (Paragraph12) In which she based it on the first amendment making it more powerful because it talking about are values to oneself. Also, stating, “They assume that we should simply accept hate without wanting
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Cooke is different to Gay’s article. In which it is said, “Traditionally we call these “clubs”- but there is no case whatsoever for turning the entire place over to a particular set of ideological presumptions” (Paragraph 3) The writer believes that it is more of a change in which it makes the student get unfocused to the real problems or priorities for going to a University. Also including, “America have long drawn a clear distinction between speech and violence,” (Paragraph 6) where the values of the people are being challenged making them unable to speak up for themselves. Many of the different point of view from Cooke come from the aspect of change where the student are not too able to learn the real problems that is math, science and reading. He want more studying then becoming

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