Essay On Free Speech Should Be Free

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The freedom to speech is very important to many Americans. However, many wonder if some speech should be prohibited especially while online. This is because it is harming, slandering, or hateful. The best way to evaluate this issue is through Deontology. This is because every American has a right to free speech, according to the constitution, they also have duties and consequences that come with being able to say whatever they want. It is important to focus on all three of these factors in order to determine whether free speech is a good thing rather than make judgements about speech only based off the consequences.
Citizens have the right to speak freely about anything especially the things that are not common belief. However, anyone who is around the speech has a right to disagree and comment back. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all speech is appropriate or pleasing to all receivers. Many
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If the citizen protests in a disrupting or harming way the citizen has failed to fulfill their duty and has violated the rights of others. This behavior is not protected by the First Amendment and may lead to arrest. Another duty that an American is responsible for is to watch what they say, especially while online. This is the citizen’s duty to be responsible for anything that they say. This is because words can do damage and cannot be taken back once they are said. This applies today even more now than ever because of the social media sites where people can openly post their thoughts. Yet, people do not realize these posts can never be deleted and there is always proof left behind. A third duty is to speak in a way that is not hateful towards others. Hate speech about any racial, sexual, threatening, or religious biases is not acceptable and can be punished if it harms others. All these duties if not followed can lead to very negative or harmful

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