Sigma Nu Fraternity Case Study

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1.How and why violations of the Fraternity’s policy and law occurred.
Violations of the fraternity’s policy and law occurred due to actions deemed as hazing during a call down and by having candidates exchange small favors for member signatures. Also, the presence and consumption of alcohol violated the campus’ and fraternity’s policies. The fraternity conducted a tailgate function during a period of suspended activity and also lacked in cooperation during interviews. These violations do not represent the fraternity in any way and do not reflect on the character of each and every member of the fraternity.

2.How the chapter and individual members have or would be held accountable for such violations. The chapter has continued to suspend
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By clearly listing the fraternity’s policies and code of conduct that is expected from each member, our chapter will express the Sigma Nu Fraternity in the respectable manner that it deserves. Our chapter continues to be one of the top fraternities at the University of Tennessee and can only remain at the top through the actions and attitudes of the active chapter. It is our obligation to continue on, and build up, the chapter here and we can only do so through our actions. Members will be held to a higher expectation of the fraternity’s policies and will be held completely accountable for their actions in order to express the level of respect that each member has towards our alumni, the university, and the Sigma Nu …show more content…
By remaining to be academic leaders at our university, our chapter will express that Greek life holds its members to a higher standard and that our fraternity hold its members to an even higher standard. Through involvement in club sport and community service, our chapter can show other members of Greek life and faculty at the university that the Sigma Nu Fraternity sees its members as examples of what the fraternity stands for. Members will proudly express that they are members of the Sigma Nu Fraternity and, instead of using our past achievements to represent the fraternity, will use their current actions to exhibit the values which we hold a great deal of importance

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