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    similar with those faced by the rising generation of female engineers, such as workplace bias or struggle with finding the comfort and confidence to assert an opinion in a male dominated environment. Additionally, mentors make a difference because they help individuals who are in the minority feel less lonely. With female engineers, Barger explains, research has proven that “having mentors – both peer mentors and senior mentors – reduces the number of women who leave engineering and increases job satisfaction for those who stay” (Barger). Through establishing suitable mentorship for the rising generation, more women entering engineering careers will find ease in the transition, and women already working in this field will find greater comfort, removing any inclination to leave engineering due to…

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    United 8 Feb. 2011: Web. accessed July 25,2012 Findlay, Stephanie. "Whatever Happened to Tenure? The Backbone of Today's University is Ill-Paid, Overworked Lecturer." Maclean's 124.2 24 Jan. 2011: General OneFile. Web. 24 July 2012 Mathis, Meghan. "Teacher Tenure Debate: Pros & Cons." The K-12 Teachers Alliance 4 May 2012: Web. accessed July 25, 2012 Nelson, Cary. "Parents: Your Children Need Professors With Tenure." The Chronicle of Higher Education 57.07 3 Oct.…

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    double major in mechanical engineering and finance, but still face some uncertainty in this plan. My interests developed mainly from the push of my parents. Ever since I was a child, the overarching career I was pushed towards was engineer or doctor, so I pushed myself to learn topics that would better support these ideas. Classes such as Scitech gave me an understanding of what engineers do which provided me with a great deal of interest. Other clubs such as Science Olympiad and TEAMS have also…

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