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  • How Does Technology Affect Families

    Technology has dramatically changed our society. An endless number of people all around the world are using and benefit from modern technology. Technology is playing a significant role in almost all the fields of human life. We have simplified technology to make it easier for us to access many necessary tools people need in the industry, medicine, communication, transportation, education, et cetera. However, there are excessive usages of technology that has its drawback as well. Though in some cases the speed of fulfilling a task accelerates with the help of the technology. Most people do not realize that technology has a negative effect on today’s society, its impressive improvement has entangled life in various diverse ways. Technology has weakened the relationships among family members who are too busy with their devices and family members cannot have such a pleasant convivial communication as they used to in the past. Before they invented the devices that we have in today’s society, family members would sit down together around the table and play games together. Notwithstanding, following the creation of computers, the playing of family games together has changed to playing on a computer by their selves, and the effect of the technology creates a diversion on family interaction. These days, as opposed to sitting in front of the TV together or eating family dinner, everybody in the family Is in a different room, either playing a game on your cell phones or computer, watch…

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  • Technology Makes People Stupid

    In so many ways technology and Google has simplified people’s lives. Technology has become a necessity for just about everyone. All the information people need is at the tip of their fingers, directly on their phones. So, because of the easy access to Google and technology, individuals should be smarter, right? The fact is technology and Google makes people stupid, and this can be seen in a series of ways. First of all, Google alters the way people’s brains operate, and as a result they become…

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  • Analysis Of Plato's Kallipolis

    Plato more explicitly says that no person can challenge another’s position or role in the Kallipolis because if someone is suited to the role of ruling or shows leadership, no individual can interfere in their duty to do so (Popper, 1962) and if for any reason these roles are conflated or practised by the wrong individual than this will have dangerous consequences for society (Kallipolis). Not only is this approach extremely problematic because it completely diminishes he idea of any meritocracy…

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  • Karl Popper Criticism Of Falsificationism

    Falsificationism Karl Popper asserts that the scientific status of a theory is derived from that theories potential for refutation. Theories outlining experimental results that (if observed) could refute the theory are classified as scientific. Theories that lack this content are classified as pseudoscience. Popper uses this distinction to preface his scientific view: falsificationism. Under this view, science exists as a system through which we can logically falsify theories. This stands as…

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  • Karl Popper's Concept Of An Open Society Summary

    In the collection of essays, In Search of a Better World, Karl Popper, in which he is most know for rejecting the scientific method, embraces the idea of empirical science. His disagreement stemmed from the notion that science can never be proven, but it may be falsified. These ideas are reflection of previous noted philosophers such as Plato and Socrates with respect to academics, which are expanded upon and are implemented in today’s science society. Popper also explains the concept of an…

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  • Havel And John Stuart Mill And Liberal Democracy In A Liberal Society

    During Professor McAdams dinner party Havel and John Stuart Mill begin to disagree over what type of government compels citizens to live in the truth. According to Havel, a post-totalitarian government gives more chance to compel its citizens to live within the truth. Havel goes on to say that the citizens in a liberal democracy create their own lie and chose to live within it. While John Stuart Mill states that in a liberal democracy gives you the most access to live within the truth. Between…

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  • Karl Popper Falsificationism

    Despite key differences in their solutions, both Karl Popper and Paul Feyerabend noticed issues with the positivist system of scientific discoveries and attempted to develop new methods for understanding science. Popper developed new understandings surrounding the theory dependence of observation, and the flaws of induction. His system of falsificationism was a key factor in the development of sociology of science as a whole and of Feyerabend’s system of Epistemological anarchism. Feyerabend…

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  • Egoism And Individualism In Plato's The Republic

    Firstly, collectivism can in fact lead to egoism and selfishness, and indeed Popper asserts that a class will often times put its selfish needs above the other classes, a fact that even Plato was well aware of. Individualism need not be selfishly motivated; indeed, America places high emphasis on having a strong sense of individuality while demonstrating altruism. With the definition of justice proved wrong and the foundational pillar of Plato’s “city of speech” failing, the tripartite harmony…

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  • The Impact Of Charlemagne On Christianity In The Carolingian Period

    After he would conquer a region, he would require the defeated Saxons to convert to Christianity, and be baptised. When the war finally ended, the terms Charlemagne laid out for and accepted by the Saxons included, “...namely that they would reject the worship of demons, abandon their ancestral [pagan] rites, take up the Christian faith and the sacraments of religion, and unite with the Franks in order to form a single…

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  • Amy Winehouse's Concert Report

    The concert that I will be critiquing is the late Amy Winehouse, Live at Shepherds Bush Empire in London, England. On May 29th 2007, solo artist, Amy Winehouse performed along with her backing band, a soul group called The Dap-Kings. I chose to view this concert because Amy is my all-time favorite jazz/ soul singer. Amy performed songs from her masterpiece album "Back To Black" and a few songs from her debut album, "Frank". The Dap-Kings, male only band, consists of Dale Davis on the bass, Zalon…

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