How Does Technology Affect Families

Technology has dramatically changed our society. An endless number of people all around the world are using and benefit from modern technology. Technology is playing a significant role in almost all the fields of human life. We have simplified technology to make it easier for us to access many necessary tools people need in the industry, medicine, communication, transportation, education, et cetera. However, there are excessive usages of technology that has its drawback as well. Though in some cases the speed of fulfilling a task accelerates with the help of the technology. Most people do not realize that technology has a negative effect on today’s society, its impressive improvement has entangled life in various diverse ways. Technology has weakened the relationships among family members who are too busy with their devices and family members cannot have such a …show more content…
Young people pay a high cost for relying upon social systems, PC, TV, particularly with no regards to rest. This reliance is by all accounts the reason for a genuine wellbeing issue, for example, lack of sleep, vision issues, obesity, cancer et cetera (Technology and Health Problems, par.1). Dependence on innovation has likewise made individuals languid; that is, individuals have started to give careful consideration to strolling and more to sitting, tuning in, and playing amusement. In spite of the fact the mechanization of machines has diminished the danger to human life as they perform dangerous employment rather than people, still robots themselves can make unsafe circumstances that are dangerous for people. Case in point, in automated surgery individuals, can confront these dangers on account of instrument disappointment. In the event that individuals do not utilize such gadget normally, they can harm their lives sooner rather than later. Can cause a trigger of serious

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