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  • Language Race And White Public Space Analysis

    This general explanation is comprised of a number of specific ethnographic explanations. This argument is also supported by a basic explanatory report of another linguistic anthropologist who outlines what it means to speak Spanish (as a Native Spanish speaker) in the “outer sphere.” Here, the outer sphere is defined as the space in which a person communicates with strangers or in a public sector. That is, the outer sphere is defined in opposition to the inner sphere, which is defined as the space in which a person communicates with those they know or “connect with” on a cultural level. Hill’s second argument is supported both by empirical fact, a canonical study outlined in the endnotes, as well as the other main general ethnographic explanation. Here, Hill also cites a number of concrete ethnographic cultural and historical examples to support her claim that the use of Mock Spanish elevates whiteness. It is important to note that Hill makes the general assumption that whiteness is inherently valued or indexed as “good” in American society. Hill’s final two arguments are different from the first two, as one focuses simply…

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  • Theories Of Different Societies

    As we saw previously, the possible explanation behind why some societies advanced more than others lays on two possible theories. The first, developed by Jared Diamond, argues that the environment is the principal agent behind how different societies developed. The second, explained by Lawrence E. Harrison, claims that the differences lie on certain cultural values and attitudes such as people’s sense of community, their ethical system, the exercise of authority and views about education and…

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  • Antithetical Characteristics Of Truth In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    The book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is full of twists and turns that leave the reader wondering what is true and what is not. His complex writing not only makes one question the truth, but also teaches them about what it is. Through this novel, the author teaches his audience that truth is arbitrary. To support this idea, O’Brien writes about the process and composition of storytelling, explaining that there is a difference between two types of truths which he calls “story-truth” and…

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  • Possessive Poster And Presentation

    The process of constructing an explanation for the poster and presentation helped me understand the grammatical concept we selected, which was Possessive nouns. Overall if you know how to explain how something works, you are more likely to understand the concept easier and faster. Coming up with an explanation for the poster helped us remember the form, the rules, and the concepts of how possessive nouns work. During the process of figuring out what we were going to say and do, we were able to…

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  • Biological Theory Of Substance Abuse Essay

    From my experience working in the field, I have worked with many people with different backgrounds and psychological problems. Many of the commons psychological problems that I tend to see the most among the youth that I work with are, substance abuse disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and anger disorders. Substance abuse disorder is a disorder that I have experienced the most with ones that are closest to me as well as in my professional life. As a bystander, I feel…

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  • Zlata's Diary Summary

    school year.”(pg.27) Change soon happens to her life and makes her see the world a different way. Such as school- a mandatory thing that she has mixed feelings on, but as soon as war enters country, she sees school as a way out of her shell ridden prison. Explained well on Pg 98 when she describes what children should be doing ”The war has interrupted our lessons, closed down the schools, sent children into cellars instead of classrooms.” This quote is a perfect explanation to the theme of the…

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  • Regionalism In Canada

    and Perrella account for the possibility of change over time and space. As mentioned earlier, regionalism can be an explanatory variable under the “composition effect” and/or “context effect.” The authors of “Regions, Regionalism and Regional differences in Canada,” voiced the importance that; by merely describing regionalism, one is unable to explain regional differences (Cochrane and Perrella 2012), and therefore regionalism can not be seen as a political tool. The context effect is “when a…

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  • Criminal Minds By Hugh Fischman Analysis

    research in the beginning, with the help of all of Raine’s quotes and explanations, and then slowly moved away from Raine’s thoughts and begin to explain the research in general and all of its results. This in depth information of the research and results gives the readers a better understanding of Raine’s theory by providing several examples of research that show a connection between brain patterns in childhood and criminal behavior in adulthood. I believe Fischman used less quotes in the body…

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  • Orientation By Daniel Orozco Summary

    Daniel Orozco is famous for writing the short story called “Orientation.”In his story Daniel uses lots of explanation to give the readers what they want to hear. The tone that is explained to the readers is broad,because he shows a lot of imagery to let the audience know what he is talking about. Daniel talks about how everything is explained around where he works at and tells the people that he is giving a tour all about what the job is like, and between right and wrong. Everything seems weird…

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  • Arab Spring: The Rationality Paradigm

    strengths and weaknesses/gaps, comparisons/contrasts: 4-5 The literature reviewed so far has heavily focused on the structural explanations for the divergent outcomes of the Arab Spring. However, the cultural paradigm is dominant too. The articles and books are written as the uprising were unfolding, which shifted attention more on the causes of the phenomena more than the outcomes. The rationality paradigm is indirectly addressed throughout the literature, especially when evaluating the…

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