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  • Short Term Effects Of Media Exposure

    Media exposure can cause short term and long term effects. Short term effects are immediate and occur during the timeframe of exposure to the form of media. These short term effects can affect thought processes, beliefs, evaluative judgements, attitude, emotions, behavior, and physiological responses. (Potter 2014) Cognitive processes may be effected by supplying information and implementing new ideas. An example of a short term cognitive effect would be learning the outcome of a sports game or a political election. Another example of a cognitive effect would be learning about a friend’s vacation through photos and captions on Instagram. (Potter 2014) Beliefs may be impacted by reinforcing an individual’s current beliefs and values. A short…

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  • What's My Age Again Analysis

    What’s My Age Again: The song What’s my Age Again discusses the growing responsibilities of adolescents and young adults. This song in particular takes place in artist’s Emerging Adulthood, a newer period of time utilized to adjust to adulthood. He feels obligated to new responsibilities because of his social clock, the pressure to perform a task when it is socially acceptable in this case the task of growing up; as a result he uses defense mechanisms including repression, the pushing of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Okay, Listen

    describe everything as “delicious” because it is my friend’s favorite adjective to use in every situation. However, I’ve realized a disproportionate amount of my friends’ acquired mannerisms originated from me. I’ve been saying “okay, listen” to start my sentences for about a year now and “are you safe?” came into being from my weariness concerning the phrase “are you okay?” And now, as I listen in on conversations with my peers, I hear frequent exclamations of “OKAY, LISTEN!” and the…

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  • Dorm Hall: A Social Network Analysis

    distance” breaks down when it does not catalyze face-to-face contact between individuals. Festinger notes that such a phenomenon is measurable in the “number of passive contacts that position and design encourage,” however, when comparing new and old dorms, it is obvious to see that simple placement of individuals (e.g. rooms by stairwells) is negligible if such location does not increase interaction (35). In effect, he assumes there can a prediction between what is expected to increase passive…

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  • Lead Exposure Effects

    been shown to have negative effects on the immune system (3). Lead is primarily a neurotoxin, harming the central nervous system, primarily the hippocampus inside the brain, and interfering with “communications” between neurons in the brain…

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  • Hiroshi Sugimoto Analysis

    the shadows and the purity of forms.” ("Interview With Hiroshi Sugimoto | Huffington Post"). Hiroshi Sugimoto’s specialty in photography is photos called “slow shutter speed.” He refers to this style as “time exposure experiments” ("The Master of Slow Shutter Speed ..."). Sugimoto has many different types of themes in his portfolio, such as: movie theaters, architecture, seascapes, lightings, desert, wax figures, and much more. Although having many themes, Hiroshi Sugimoto’s style of interest…

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  • My Experience To Playing With The Camera Of The Canon

    Today, I decided to play with my own camera of the ESO Canon. I thought that I have learned manual setting on my mentor’s Leica camera. So I wanted to try with my own camera, since it came with manual settings. First, I tried set different ISO, aperture, and shutter-speed numbers. I have to be honest that it wasn’t easy, because I couldn’t tell if is too dark or too bright. I just had to do my best to guess the ISO and shutter speed. With my first try, the first picture was too dark, so I turn…

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  • Eyewitness Model

    on investigating the effects memory conformity between witnesses has on individual’s memory recall. This was achieved by having individuals each watch a manipulated video of the same event which contained a unique item, then had them interact with each other before performing a recall of events. The results found that 70% of individuals recalled unique items that weren’t in their videos. The authors argued that these findings demonstrate the susceptibility of human memory and the ability…

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  • Media Desensitization

    Television and other media can have positive effects, however most of the attention is focused on the negative effects (2011, p.251). Generally, media content influences the way we behave, the way we think and the way we react emotionally (2011, p.258). Researchers have shown that there are some commonalities in the ways we react to various mediated content (2011, p.258). We take behavioral cues from the media and apply them to our own lives that can influence our behavior negatively or…

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  • Photo Editing Essay

    (“to change [something good] so that it is no longer what it was or should be” (Webster) view on body image for both men and women. Media uses tools such as Photoshop to change the model into a so-called perfect human form, which is usually unnatural and unachievable by the average person. Eating disorders, and low self-esteem seem to be a side effect of this. Media should not be so quick to change the human form because doing so is having a negative effect on both men and women’s mental state.…

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