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  • Mr Jensen Case Study

    and are likely to be compromised by the risk factors above and as well as age and comorbidity. In addition, poor circulation can be a complication of the OREF surgery. Pins used in external fixation may injure vessels by directly piercing or resting and eroding the vessel wall. According to Lim et al (2010), vessel injury is secondary to indirect compression and impingement, direct or partial laceration and erosion. As a result, the patient may experience bleeding. Dhal et al. reported on thirteen pseudoaneurysms associated with extremity trauma, of these five (38.5%) were caused by external fixation pins. Signs of vascular injury following external fixator pin insertion included bleeding from insertion site, a pulsatile mass, loss of distal pulse, or ischemia. If left untreated, poor peripheral circulation can result to tissue damage, eventually leading to ulcerations, gangrene, and eventually, amputation. It could also lead to healing complications (delayed union, non-union or malunion) (Hernandez et al, 2012). Hence, managing this problem is of utmost priority. Another priority problem in this situation is pain. The data that support there is pain are the pain score of 7/10, elevated heart rate and respiratory rate as well as the fact that the patient underwent an open reduction external fixation for his fractures. Pain is a concern because it aggravates the patient’s diabetes (BGL of 17 mmol/ltr). Having post-operative pain is really stressful and in situations like…

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  • What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages To An Agrarian Society?

    Laura Reddig Professor Michelle MacFarlane AG 198 7 October, 2015 Midterm 1. Alternative crops are crucial to changing the unhealthy dieting habits of modern culture as the reliance on calorie rich crops rise. The world is shifting its agricultural focus to crops like wheat, corn, and soybeans while crops like sweet potato, cassava and yam are declining in numbers (Parker, 2014). With such a limited number of crops being relied on to provide most dietary nutrition, those crops have to be…

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  • Caribou Essay

    The Rangifer Tarandus, better known as caribou or reindeer, is an herbivorous species living in the tundra. Tundras have a vastly cold climate, with limited vegetation. Caribou are similar to deer; however they are much bigger with a shoulder standing height of 2.8-4.9 feet, and females weigh 175 to 225 pounds, while males weigh about 350 to 400 pounds (Caribou). Reindeer were first found in Norway and were only known as Reindeer, once people started realizing how beneficial the Reindeer were…

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  • 1. Why Do Sex Chromosomes Have Peculiar Passing Down Traits?

    What forces maintain variation within populations? 3. Do similar forces promote divergence among populations? 4. Why do sex chromosomes have peculiar passing down traits? Research in Dr. McDaniel’s lab aims to answer these questions by using classical genetic and genome analyses of the moss model system, Ceratodon purpureus. They also use Physcomitrella patens, a spreading earth moss, as a model for gene function analysis. These questions pose to look at what the genetic basis of dissociation…

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  • Ap Bio Lab Essay

    Three 3X3” plant pots labelled as A, B, and C were used during our experiment. Each pot contained standard soil media with basic nutrients, and 3 Arabidopsis seeds. All pots were watered with appropriate Hoagland’s Solution formulation three times per week over the next 4 weeks. Pot A (phosphate limitation group) was given a phosphate reduced Hoagland’s solution, whereas Pot B (nitrogen limitation group) was watered with nitrate reduced Hoagland’s solution. Pot C (control) is the control plant…

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  • Endocurricular Arthritis Case Study

    The IT band and gluteus muscle were split in line with the wound. The trochanter bursa was excised, and the fat was retracted over the short external rotator musculature. The piriformis and obturator internus and short external rotators were then dissected free from the posterior greater trochanter and tagged for later reattachment, exposing the posterior hip capsule. The posterior hip capsule was then incised along the intertrochanteric ridge and tagged in a U-type shape for later repair.…

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  • Nitrogen Cycling Lab Report

    After amplifying the specific genes from microbial DNA at different sites, we found that nosz was more present in soils under aerobic conditions than under anaerobic conditions. This could be due to the fact that there is less nitrogen in water than in soil. Introduction: Nitrogen cycling allows for living organisms to survive in ecosystems. The nitrogen cycle consists of N₂ from the atmosphere being changed and converted to NO₃ for organisms to properly and then back to N₂. This process of…

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  • The Haber Process: Hydrogen And Nitrogen

    many uses of ammonia in the industry within the human society these include as chemicals, explosives, fibers and plastics, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, mining and metallurgy and cleaning. The most common use of ammonia is as a fertilizer (AUS-e-TUTE, 2014). Within the fertilizing industry there is a production of (Leslie, 2015): Ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 Ammonium phosphate (NH4)3PO4 Ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3 Urea, (NH2)2CO = made from ammonia and carbon dioxide Nitrogen…

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  • Collaborative Multimodal Treatment Study

    treatment for ADHD patients. The subjects of the MTA study were recruited at six sites across the U.S. from diverse resources including newspapers, physicians, clinics, schools, parent referral and more. Among five hundred seventy-six boys and girls, the age range was only between 7 to 9 years old. The decision was made in order to group children in the BT group effectively; yet, this limited the external validity of the study. However, with such broad sample pool, in terms of their…

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  • Peregrine Fraud Case Study

    comprised of three parts incentives/pressures, opportunities, and attitudes/rationalization. This relates to the case because all three sides of the fraud triangle are met. Incentives/pressures included not wanting to lose or fail, wanting to live a nice rich life as shown by all of his expensive tastes in property and food and if Peregrine failed so would his expensive tastes. Next, opportunities to commit included lack of internal auditors/board and controls. The last part, attitudes and…

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