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  • Julian Paul Assange Case Study

    international opinion over him has been divided. He is recognized as an honourable advocate for the truth by his supporters and a reckless publicity-seeker who has endangered the lives of many people due to his exploitation of sensitive data by his critics. In December 2010, he was detained by UK authorities after Sweden issued a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) over allegations of sexual assault.2 Swedish authorities claimed they wished to question him over accusations of rape and sexual assault that he supposedly committed in August of 2010 during his visit to Sweden.3 Assange denies these claims, stating that he was given full consent by the women he allegedly assaulted. Due to extradition laws between the United Kingdom and Sweden, Assange fought for the rest of the year under house-arrest against his extradition for…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Mother Of Extradition To Texas By Jonathan Tolliver

    The article, “Mother of 'affluenza' teen accepts extradition to Texas’ by Jonathan Tolliver is about Ethan and Tonya Couch. Ethan Couch was sentenced to ten years of probation in juvenile court, on four counts of intoxication manslaughter, injuring nine others, recklessly driving drunk, and having traces of Valium in his system on June 15, 2013. A defense witness testified that Ethan was affected by affluenza, a psychological and social condition that affects wealthy young people and causes a…

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  • Julian Assange Case Analysis

    Sweden, the detention order is admissible for the prosecutor to accelerate to issue a European Arrest Warrant . In order to evade justice in Sweden, Assange moved in UK and started long-continued legal process in local courts. By the way, Westminster Magistrates Court upheld and confirmed the warrant . Ultimately, the Supreme court of UK ruled the extradition request had been lawfully made, Lord Phillips, the court 's president, said a majority of five…

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  • Analysis Of The Ishmael Labeet Family

    The family lost my grandfather, but the lineage lives on with my uncle as well as other distant cousins. While the family has not heard from Ishmael since the seventies, he has come up in conversation now and again. At the time of this writing Ishmael would be in his late sixties. Much of his ability to have remained free this long is due to political issues and lack of extradition laws between the two nations. Now that the rules are changing we will see if those laws of extradition will be…

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  • President Xi Jinping's Anti-Corruption Campaign

    According to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China (2016), “China has signed 39 extradition treaties and 52 judicial assistance treaties, the parties include Western countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Portugal etc:”. With these treaties, the anti-corruption has became an international task in hunting fugitives, and the cooperated mechanism could positively contribute to the success of Chinese’ anti-corruption…

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  • Leonard Peltier's Trial In American History

    either or claimed to have witnessed the event (Linder). “Kunstler suggested that their testimony might have been influenced by promises of the government not to pursue charges against them” (Linder). The jury's verdict of "not guilty" came on July 16, 1976” (Linder). This trial is an example of pride in our history as citizens tried the Native Americans without bias. This trial had little public reaction as it was fairly executed. Leonard Peltier extradition from Canada was based on false and…

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  • Charles Sobhraj Character Analysis

    pills, drove them out into the wide open and violently killed them. His victims were backpackers and small-time drug smugglers carrying sums of cash. There are corpses around several Asian countries, led by Charles himself, but it is only in Thailand that enough evidence has been gathered to bring him to trial for murder. According to Thai law, if a suspect is not caught and brought to trial within 20 years of the offence, the charges are automatically dropped. In other words, if Charles can…

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  • Why Is Pablo Escobar Important

    could yield you an astonishing profit of about £1million in a week. Soon the flights tripled. He also employed two small remote controlled submarines to transfer his Cocaine. (Source 1,2) 6. At the height of his power in the 80's, Escobar's cartel supplied 80% of the world's cocaine and smuggled 15 tons of cocaine into the US per day. During the heights of its operations, Escobar's cartel smuggled 15 tons of Cocaine into U.S. every day earning more than half a billion from this daily…

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  • Pharmaceuticals Case Summary

    judgement. When the investigation in a bankruptcy case occurs, bankruptcy court has a lot of power to intervene and gives the creditors a chance to look into issues with the filing. Section 341 hearings and Rule 2004 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures are very powerful tools to remediate creditors. Unfortunately, the Section 341 hearings are only being run with the one lower-level employee that was left. The court can summon any employee that it thinks could help the case and it…

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  • Is Peltier Guilty

    justifying their actions of fallacies and fabricated evidence. For example, when speaking in regards to Myrtle Poor Bear, the FBI does not hide the fact she testified false affidavits in the FBI’s honor, but that it was other advice that determined Peltier’s extradition from Canada. They do not explain why they manipulated a mentally unstable woman to falsely testify. Evaluation: The article is placed on the official FBI government ran website so it can be counted as credible. However,…

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