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  • Essay On Infidelity In Relationships

    Infidelity in relationships has always been a universal problem and many researches have tirelessly focused their findings on this topic. However, there is little research done on whether or not infidelity is a cause or an effect of poor relationship quality in both dating and marital relationships. Because attitudes towards cheating in dating relationships and extramarital sex (EMS) continue to be negative, further and more specific research regarding why these actions occur, when ( before or after the relationship’s quality becomes poor), and how to prevent infidelity in a relationship need to be addressed. According to the Associated Press’s Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 57% of men admit to committing infidelity in any relationship…

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  • Causes Of Honor Killings In Pakistan

    Just a few months ago, I heard about a brutal death of a former celebrity known by her stage name, Qandeel Baloch. She was a Pakistani actress and singer who was a bit above the norm and was considered a vulgar woman in her country. She did not dress the way her society liked, she made dance and music videos, and was very outspoken. Because of this, many believed she was “dishonoring” her family. She was not allowed to live and so her own brother murdered her through asphyxiation. Unfortunately,…

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  • Modern Day Honor Crimes

    Honor killings and offenses are often thought to be an outlandish crime exclusive to only the currently tumultuous Middle East and surrounding areas, while in actuality, this is far from the case. An honor killing is typically defined as “a killing of a relative, especially a girl or woman, who is perceived to have brought dishonor to the family” . This dishonor is generally related to things regarding premarital relationships, such as premarital sex, or other forbidden acts that a community…

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  • Barbara Ehrenreich's Will Women Still Need Me?

    housewife to take care the house chores, boyfriend expects the girlfriend to has to male friends all and etcetera. In the essay, author was actually working and evaluating on the possibilities of woman and man live separately. She pointed out that all our needs and wants required the cooperation of the other sex, as such make a living, raise children and having sexual intercourse. However, she also mentioned that our technology is very advance, therefore individual sex will be able to live…

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  • Gender Differences In Women's History

    Lineage lines for example, were vital features in the lives of the female gender since it determined how much, if any of the family resources they would inherit, how valued females were in society, and who received guardianship of the children in the case of divorce or the death of a parent. The question of how much freedom women were given in regards to sexuality and marriage is also a major component exclusive to women’s history. The freedom for women to choose when to marry, whom to marry,…

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  • Sexualization Of Girls Essay

    I am currently in a group for Children’s media and the academic journal that I found was on the Sexualization of girls. This journal went over how sexualization is related to objectification because a lot of times men in society will see females as objects for them to rule over. “women and girls are both sexualized, via their tight clothing and makeup, and objectified, portrayed as existing for men 's pleasure and lacking in their own agency. There is not a parallel trend in which boys are often…

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  • Why Are Women Oversexualized Essay

    then she can wear that without having to be judged by anyone. Her responses to the comments made were valid. She said that once she says no, that means no. If she’s having a good time with her friends then she’s not even looking at any guy. How embarrassing is it that in 2016 a woman had to explain to two grown men what consent is? The female body is oversexualized. People shouldn’t be offended by human anatomy yet that’s all that’s being talked about when the situation arises. Kim Kardashian…

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  • Dueling Dualism Analysis

    Anne Fausto-Sterling in the reading “Dueling Dualisms” does a great job in illustrating the social construction approach experienced in the society today. Fausto-Sterling, believes that sex and gender are both socially constructed and take place in the human’s biology, which then play a role on the persons’ physiological aspects as well (Fausto-Sterling 127). This could be seen in the example Fausto-Sterling incorporates of Maria Patino’s case, where the phenomenal athlete was banned from the…

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  • Occupational Segregation Essay

    The workforce varies in gender composition based on occupation. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of factors that can drive an individual to select a certain occupation. In male and female dominated occupations the salaries differ which relates to the concept of occupational segregation based on gender. This all becomes evident when looking at a male dominated profession, such as mechanical engineering with only 8.8% women, a female dominated profession, such as preschool teachers…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Anchorman

    Underwood and Zoe Barnes is based on sexual relations. Sex is used a political commodity to help Underwood tell Barnes newsworthy stories that will help advance his political gains. In a conversation with Barnes, Underwood quotes Oscar Wilde, “Everything in this world is about sex. Except Sex. Sex is about power.” In this movie, sex is indeed power. It is a way for Underwood to have complete and total control of Barnes. He can manipulate her to do anything because he knows that she wants to be…

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