Will Women Still Need Me Barbara Ehrenreich Analysis

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“Will Women Still Need Me?” by Barbara Ehrenreich in the “The Writer 's Presence A Pool of Readings Eight Edition” page five hundred ninety eight. This is an argumentative writing that author claimed that is an issue in between both sexes; man and woman. This topic immediately made me pondering for questions like: Is that anything wrong with the relationship in the current society? Is author has a personal relationship or marriage issue, therefore she questioned about the need of man in woman’s life? In my opinion, a relationship either marriage or not, it should not to be overly burdensome. Example: there is many restrictions and too much commitment in a relationship- Wife expects husband to take care of all the household expenses, husband expects woman/wife to stay home and be a full time housewife to take care the house chores, boyfriend expects the girlfriend to has to male friends all and etcetera. In the essay, author was actually …show more content…
Both essay are very similar because they are authors’ personals’ point of views. Their claims are focusing on the issue between genders; woman and man. In addition, both authors’ voices are extremely different, example: in term of the solution to their claims, Mary has included her personal experience in her essay. However, Ehrenreich was only focus on her personal opinion without sharing any information about her life. In Mary’s essay, there is a lot communication, initiation of understanding and compromising between woman and man, and the result after it. The writer’s own gender does affect me in some cases especially when I start to realize they overly bias or emotional on certain gender issue or event. In my conclusion, it is very important to develop the credibility on writing because our writing do influence readers in some aspect of their life and it supposed to be non-bias and factual writing especially in argumentative

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