Dave Barry's Summary: Batting Clean-Up And Striking Out

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Summary Analysis 2
In Dave Barry’s entertaining essay “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out,” he forms pictures of real life in his reader’s minds. He entertains his readers with the difference between the sexes giving examples he has experienced in his own life; men and women’s instincts are different. Two of the points he really focuses on are women’s awareness of dirt (220) and men’s sensitivity to sports (221). Women can see dirt that men can’t see at all which makes them exceptionally bad at cleaning, especially bathrooms. On the other hand women can’t understand men’s love of sports. Women would rather have a heart to heart conversation about their feelings and can’t understand how men don’t care very much for that kind of activity. To
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Sloppy People”, Suzanne Britt explains in a humorous way that there is a big difference between neat and sloppy people. Britt first describes how this is true by using moral standards. She explains how neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people (214). Neat individuals get rid of anything they don’t need, throwing most of it in the trash. While sloppy people think of big plans of ways they can use every article so they save it; the problem is, they never get enough time to follow through with all their plans. Since they never have time to do all their projects they have a picture in mind of how to reorganize all their possessions. So they make piles of all their belongings reorganizing them and making them into more piles. According to Britt sloppy people aren’t as lazy as neat people, because they have precise neat plans in mind of what to do with every object they possess and are striving for an unattainable …show more content…
Both essays, amplify the little details that everyone experiences in life at one time or another but the kind that make people think they are the only ones experiencing them. This focusing the essays on real life situations allowing readers to make comparisons with their own lives. This can first be seen in Barry’s definitions of classic men and women. He writes “Soon all four of us were in there, watching the Annual Fall Classic, while the women prattled away about human relationships or something.” How are men supposed to talk when a World Series game is going on? Britt also presents this tone. She is a sloppy person; in most places sloppiness is seen as a bad thing. Because of this Britt comes up with reasons why sloppy people are actually superior to neat people. She says “Neat people are bums and clods at heart”…”everything is just another dust-catcher to them.” While sloppy people “give loving attention to every detail” and care so much about doing the right thing with every article they have making them keep these treasures that then end up sitting around in huge heaping

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