Inequality In Sports

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Register to read the introduction… Because advertisers promote male sports, people are willing to pay for NBA tickets which are sold for $10-120 unlike the “WNBA” tickets sold for $10-35 a seat in women’s basketball unlike (Female Athletes Salaries 1). Men receive so much money from sponsors unlike women. Is this because of their talent, or the sponsor’s ability to promote the team or athlete? It is known that men’s sports in general bring in higher ratings than women’s sports, because they are not televised as much. On the other hand, sports enthusiasts are just as responsible for the higher television ratings for men over women. If people were not brought up to watch the numerous amounts of male sports televised on television, then the inequality towards women would not be a subject to address. We have to blame ourselves for not showing interest in women’s sports (Flanagan 2). Women should be paid the same for their talent and hard work. Men are often known to be providers of their families. But today, women have moved into this role and are competing with men. This is true also in the sports arena regarding respect for the female gender. Society judges the role that women play in “masculine” sport activities and reflects the roles of women when they are outside of their playing field (Flanagan 2). Consequently, many women do not want to play the sport, fearing they might be called a lesbian or homosexual. Society needs to …show more content…
Although different, this does not affect their performance or their ability to be paid as equal to men. Talented women athletes exert all they have with their talent and hard work. Their muscular strength in their bodies produces much less testosterone, the hormone for stimulating muscle growth. Spectators view this as weaker because they see what male athletes do and therefore are willing to pay more (Flynn 1). Females produce 5-10 times less testosterone; consequently, they have less strength than men. Men produce thirty percent more muscle mass than women (Totallyarb 1). However women perform their best regardless of their physical differences, and should be paid as much as men based on their talent, not their gender (Flynn 1). Excitement in female sports should not be less just because females generally carry more fat and less muscle than males, which result in performance, disadvantages (Flynn 1). Men benefit from high-carbohydrate diets more than women and are known to perform better which excites the fans. Women still have the ability, determination, and discipline to perform as well as men regardless of these …show more content…
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