Pay Of Women In Sports Essay

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THESIS: Female athletes are awarded less prize money as a result of fewer opportunities in the sports industry.
• The media coverage of female sports is significantly lower than men’s sports.
• There is inadequate funding of women’s sports.
• Sport organizations are typically made up of male executives.
ARGUMENT 1: The male/female coverage of sports is not evenly distributed in the media.
• Professional sports are a part of the entertainment industry, and thus, the spectators and supporters of the athletes mainly determine the quantity of pay. Men’s sports attract more spectators and attention, and are therefore able to sell more tickets to live events, thus generating more money.
• More money is invested into commercials pertaining to male athletes. For instance, most TV commercials use the most popular male athletes. The more
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(2012, June). Gender differences in a market with relative performance feedback: Professional tennis players, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 83, 158–171.
Thompson, A., & Lewis, A. (2014, October 28). Men get more prize money than women in 30% of sports. Retrieved from
PARADIGM STATEMENT The topic of unequal prize money being awarded to male and female athletes, specifically pertaining to female athletes being awarded a significantly lesser amount than their male counterparts, is relevant to the idea that the body is a social construction. The notion that female athletes are not as strong, powerful, or entertaining as male athletes are concepts that society has socially constructed over time; they were not innate ideas. Not one individual was born with the belief of these stereotypes. Female athletes are anything but these ideas, and work just as hard to perform essentially the same skills as male athletes. Males and females are biologically different, but their performance and work ethic in sport is very

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