The Effects Of Sports Related Concussions On Young People Essay

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An extensive report about sports-related concussions in young people, released last week by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, made recommendations that included bolstering research, collecting data, examining injury protocols and educating the public. But the report identified one particularly stubborn challenge: the “culture of resistance” among high school and college athletes, who may be inclined to shrug off the invisible injuries and return immediately to the field.

“There is still a culture among athletes,” the report said, “that resists both the self-reporting of concussions and compliance with appropriate concussion management plans.”

Dr. Frederick P. Rivara, a pediatrician at the University of Washington’s Seattle Children’s Hospital and a vice chairman of the committee that produced the report, said, “It’s a culture where the idea is to man up, to not let your teammates or coach down, and play with your symptoms.” Because concussions are not graphic, like a bloodied nose or a broken leg, players “hide their symptoms and continue to play.”

Even so, Dr. Rivara said, one of the report’s recommendations — to teach athletes, coaches, school districts and parents about the possibility of exacerbating the effects of a concussion if an athlete returns to the field hastily — “can start right now, before research.”

Concussions vary widely, and the prognosis depends on age and on the location and force of the injury, as well as on other, less…

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