The Pros And Cons Of Concussions In Sports

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Register to read the introduction… Concussions aren’t the only injury that can occur during or after the initial injury. “Second Impact Syndrome occurs while the brain is recovering from an injury and suffers another blow” and “if the brain’s ability to regulate blood flow is obstructed, a patient can die in as little as three minutes” (“Head”). Second Impact Syndrome is the reason why after a player is concussed; he has to sit out for the rest of the game to prevent further injury. Sometimes, in professional sports, the player has to go to a special room so he doesn’t become distracted or strain his brain further. Most players in high school sports have experienced injuries and some have attempted to play through them. In 2008, a 16-year old high-school football player from North Carolina was examined by medical staff after his death. The cause of death was Second Impact Syndrome (“Head”). The problem is, if you are in the game, you’re playing a sport that you possess passion for, and you want to stay in as long as possible. That may cause you to “play through the pain” and ignore the injury that you should be recovering from. When Second Impact Syndrome occurs, half of the time the victim dies, and they experience brain injury every time …show more content…
To solve this problem, companies are working towards engineering safer equipment. For example, baseball helmet companies have designed the new S100 Pro Comp Helmet which is three times as stiff as the traditional plastic helmet and is much stronger (Brown). Helmets aren’t the only type of equipment experts can improve. Padding can be stronger and more durable to last longer and keep protection the first priority. The NFL, GE, and Under Armour are researching padding that protects the player against the force of an impact (“NFL”). The NFL, GE, and Under Armour are starting a plan called the Head Health Initiative. It’s a 60 million dollar plan to speed up research about concussions (“NFL”

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