Concussions And Concussions In Sports

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Concussions, when you hear this word you start to think of your brain and some sort of physical activity. Concussions if not taken seriously can be fatal. CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. “CTE is a progressive brain disease believed to be caused by repetitive trauma to the brain” (“Boogaard” 2). CTE was first called “punch-drunk” and it was founded in boxing. It is important to know that concussions are the highest occurring injury in all of sports. “The CDC estimates reveal that 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions occur each year”(“Mayo Clinic” 1). Despite all of the safety efforts to eliminate them, concussions are still probable to occur among athletes.
Guidelines have been developed to reduce the risk
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Some people are strongly affected by a concussion and some are slightly affected. For instance, Derek Boogaard was a former hockey player for the Minnesota Wild, he suffered a bad concussion then later died. For a while they thought his cause of death was the concussion, but later they found out it was a combination of that and an overdose on drugs. His family later decided to donate Derek’s brain for concussion research. “Derek would’ve liked to assist with research on this matter” (“Boogaard 1”). Derek Boogaard was a big physical hockey player so for all the concussions he had, it makes sense that his brain was a bit messed up. Mike “Matheny, the Cardinals’ previous catcher, who was ultimately forced to retire because of at least 20 concussions over his career, sent his former understudy a text message to make sure he was all right.” (“Molinas Concussion”). A lot of the extra attention to Molina was due to Matheny’s battle with concussions. “Some athletes may take three weeks to recover, some might take six months, and some might just be done.” (“Mayo Clinic”). These two examples of Molina and Boogaard are great in the fact that they both suffered severe brain trauma from their concussions and that they both were taken out of their sport immediately after that to assess the damage they had

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